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The Devoto-Oli 2011 available for the iPhone

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The update of the database of headwords to the 2011 version of the Devoto-Oli provides 500 neologisms of current affairs, politics, new technologies and new trends; the revision of the scientific lexicon; the review of the etymologies and dating of the twentieth-century terms. The manufacturer states that – thanks also to user reports – research has been implemented that allows you to browse the terms or access the letter you are looking for directly; customization of font sizes has been added to improve the display of content; the "Send to a friend" function of the definition found has been added and the possibility to customize the navigation bar of the application. Finally, the application loading and operating times have been improved.

Entirely designed and developed by CEFRIEL – Polytechnic University of Milan, this application was conceived by a team of ICT and Design experts who made it rich in innovative, interactive and "user friendly" features.

Since its release on December 25, the Devoto-Oli in the mobile version is the best-selling Italian vocabulary on the Apple Store. The application enhances the content of high scientific rigor (the authors and editors are among the major Italian linguists) through an immediate and personalized consultation. In fact, the user has 150,000 definitions with grammatical indications, phonetic transcription, subdivision into syllables, idiomatic phrases, etymology and word dating available. In a separate screen there are synonyms and antonyms as well as the declension of all words and the conjugation of all verbs. The sound of forestry workers, of which both the Italian pronunciation and the original language is provided, is particularly useful.

Il Devoto-Oli on sale for 19.99 euros

(By Mauro Notarianni)