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The delivery times of the iPhone SE 2020 go up on the Apple store, on Amazon (for now) no

The delivery times of the iPhone SE 2020 go up on the Apple store, on Amazon (for now) no – Differences between iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8

The iPhone SE pre-orders have started, both on the official Apple website and on Amazon, obviously at the same list price. At the moment, it seems that the Amazon shop is the one to deliver the shipments faster, although obviously the times indicated on the respective sites are indicative and, therefore, subject to change. That's when your new iPhone SE arrives.

If you try to order iPhone SE in these hours on the Apple site, in different colors and in different memory cuts, the Apple site reports as an indicative delivery from April 28 to 30. If, however, you try to pre-order iPhone SE on Amazon, in this case the expected and estimated delivery date on April 27th. We reiterate, however, that these are indicative dates and that they are subject to change, especially in this particular historical moment, due to the limitations imposed at national level.

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-932034″ title=”iPhone SE 2020, all you need to know” alt=”iPhone SE 2020, all you need to know "width =" 1960 "height =" 2204 "srcset =" -black-white-product-red-colors-04152020.jpg 1960w, red-colors-04152020-427×480.jpg 427w, -1067×1200.jpg 1067w,×1536.jpg 1366w ,×2048.jpg 1821w, https: //×783.jpg 696w, /wp-content/uploads/2020/04/apple-new-iphone-se-black-white-product-red-colors-04152020-1068×1201.jpg 1068w, ht tps: //×2159.jpg 1920w, https: // www / wp-content / uploads / 2020/04 / apple-new-iphone-se-black-white-product-red-colors-04152020-374×420.jpg 374w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max- width: 1960px) 100vw, 1960px "src =" .jpg”/>

  • How much they wanted to pre-order iPhone SE 2020 from Apple site they can do it starting from 499 euros from this page.
  • For the purchase on Amazoninstead, it starts directly from here.

For the new terminal, Apple has introduced six new cases, three in leather and three in silicone. By purchasing the (prodcut) version REDApple donates part of the proceeds to the Global Fund for aid to the states most affected by coronavirus, as well as for the fight against HIV / Aids and infectious diseases in the poorest countries on the planet. The AppleCare + warranty extension for iPhone SE 2020 costs only 99 euros, a price reduction of 50 euros compared to the previous iPhone 8 removed from the price list.

Special offers

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