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The complete Christmas tree is smart and connected with Twinkly lights


Do you want a super hi-tech Christmas tree that you control with iPhone? The answer comes from Ledworks, a very Italian company known worldwide for having createdtwinkly, a set of "connected" and easy-to-use Christmas lights to decorate your home for the holidays. This year's novelty is a complete Christmas tree, with lights and the whole structure, ready to be put into the house.

It is a tree available in different sizes, made of PET, which reduces any stress in terms of setting up. Once taken out of the box, just configure the lights with a couple of moves and … marvel. The lighting system we know, based on Twinkly lighting technology.

The basis of all a Wi-Fi transmitter that allows both direct control from your smartphone and linking to the home wireless network in order to also interact from another room. Thanks to the smartphone (iOS or Android) you can instantly choose the effect you like and especially draw it literally on the screen with the geometries, colors and animations you prefer.

On Amazon you will now find the 210cm tree with 330 LED lights on sale. Thanks to the discount it costs you 299 euros instead of 399 euros.

Obviously if you already have a "synthetic" tree or you have obtained a real tree, you can continue to buy the Twinkly LED strips. On Amazon you can find those from 175 LEDs to 89.99 euros able to completely β€œdress” a tree between 160 and 200 cm in height.

also on sale a 200 LED "wall" that you can use to decorate entire and external walls of the house.