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The Commodore 64 lives on iPhone and touch

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The Commodore 64 lives on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The historic economic computer wanted by Jack Tramiel, a Polish immigrant who escaped the Nazi concentration camps to emigrate and make his fortune in the United States, has left an indelible mark on the memory of fans scattered all over the world. It is even mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records as the single best-selling system ever: it has been calculated that a total of 17 million units have been sold, this from 1982 the year of introduction until the official withdrawal which took place 12 years later in 1994 .

For these reasons and many more, it has a certain effect to learn that the legendary C64 finally comes back to life also on the screens of iPhone and iPod touch. The first rumors about the project date back to last year, an extension of the work most likely also due to the verification by the developers and also by Apple to verify that all the rights of the platform and the games included were respected.

Now the C64 emulator available on the App Store for 3.99 euros: includes the Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Artci Shipwreck and Jack Attack games. Historical fans will complain about the absence of the Basic interpreter but the developers inform that it will be restored with a future update. From a first test on the road we could see that it is a well-developed emulator for Apple's pocket touchpads. In addition to three different types of keyboards for characters, numbers and special symbols, the user can choose to play with the screen divided vertically in two, or horizontally. In the first case at the top we have the game and at the bottom we have the joystick and I shoot. Just rotate iPhone / touch to switch to horizontal mode where instead we have the entire screen available to play while the controls are arranged on the right and left: they are displayed only when touched with a tap by the user.

To purchase the first official Commodorore 64 emulator for iPhone and touch, you can start from this link with the App Store.

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