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The Commodore 64 emulator via the App Store

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The Commodore 64 emulator via the App Store – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The official Commodore 64 emulator made by monomial finally landed on the App Store over the weekend, expected for over a year, immediately generating great interest from fans and significant sales volumes, and then inexplicably disappear. Macitynet described and tested the Commodore 64 emulator in yesterday's article. Since the first hours of availability, the application was purchased by several iPhone and touch users: the software was beginning to quickly go up the classics of the best-selling programs on the App Store when it suddenly disappeared.

In a recent post published recently the developer Monomio explains what happened in the meantime. In essence, to obtain clearance for distribution via the monomial App Store, he removed the Commodore Basic interpreter from the emulator at the request of Apple. The Basic interpreter has not been completely removed from the application but has simply been blocked via software. Some users have discovered how to overcome the blockade set by the developers so Apple was forced to remove the C64 emulator for iPhone and touch from the App Store. Monomio explains that the original software was quickly revised excluding completely the Basic and that the new version of the program has already been submitted to Apple to be readmitted on the App Store again. For this reason, the monomial developers hope that the emulator so desired by fans can return soon on the App Store.

We thank Giovanni Bianchi for the report.

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