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The best way to communicate by creating a personal web page

The best way to communicate by creating a personal web page

The desire to communicate, but also to communicate to others has always been the prerogative of man, what has changed over the years the mode and language of communication. New forms have taken hold, to convey and talk about technology and new social tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and other synthetic forms to say what you do or what you do, or to share some aspects of your life. But if the goal is to deepen a topic or some aspects of one's life, such as hobbies, passions, work, travel, ideals, marriage, the most appropriate tool is the personal web page.

Not a real website, but unlike social networks, it allows you to express more fully what you want to communicate and allows you to give more space to those who want to comment and share with you your favorite topic.personal web page 1When you decide to open your own personal page, the first perplexity that emerges, the feeling that this operation is only for computer experts. Nothing could be more fake, today there are online services that allow you to open a personal web page, but also a professional one, with a few simple steps, without the need to have any knowledge of programming languages.

How to create a personal or professional web page

Among the many services available on the net, we have decided to write a guide on how to create a web page with 1 & 1, a famous web hosting company, which offers, among other services, a convenient web editor for sites.

Step 1 – Registration and purchase – After clicking on 1 & 1 MyWebsite, you can choose whether to create a personal or professional website. When you agree to create the page, you are asked to enter your personal data, to choose your domain from a list of available domains or to create a new one and check if it is free, and finally buy the product, which in our case, costs 6.99 + VAT.personal web page 2Step 2 – Choice of the package – Once you have registered your domain, you must now create your website, but do not worry, because a few clicks will be enough and your web page will be created in a few minutes.

Among those available, choose the package that matches the type of site you want to create. Each package contains:

  • A domain,
  • 10 GB of web space,
  • An editor for site modifications and management,
  • Optimization for mobile devices,
  • 1 & 1 Web Apps,
  • Functions of integration of social networks and tools for statistics.

personal web page 3

Step 3 – Creation of the site – Now we move on to the more creative phase, and here you can give vent to your imagination, starting from the choice of the layout most relevant to your sector, among hundreds of proposed topics, such as music, sports, travel, etc. Attention, because this phase is the most important, making a wrong type of layout means nullifying the whole project. The layout of a site must be interesting for the visitor and appealing to your potential customer. However, do not worry, because if you verify that the one chosen does not receive the success you had hoped for, you can easily modify it and customize it at any time, using the editor provided in the package.personal web page 4

Step 4 – Content insertion – Now you can freely insert widgets, as well as upload multimedia content by adding photos, videos, text, selecting colors and much more, easily and without having any knowledge of programming languages ​​or installing additional software on your computer. By simply using the 1 & 1 editor, you can not only create your site from scratch, but also change it at any time. For example, after setting all the sections on the Home page, with the Drag & Drop function you can easily move and position in a different way, to try other solutions.personal web page 5The choice of all these elements will be crucial to make the creation of a personal or professional web page attractive, and make it the driving force of your success.

As we wanted to demonstrate, the creation of a website now an activity for everyone, we hope that this can entice anyone to be present on the net through a much more complete tool than a social account, giving more importance to one's own person and to what you want to communicate.