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The best voice translator apps

voice translator app

In recent years, speech recognition technology has greatly increased, especially on mobile devices. We are seeing more and more companies investing in improving the current voice recognition standards, refining the translation and pronunciation. This is excellent news especially for smartphone users, so now we have access to a wide selection of voice translators. Here are some of the best for Android and iOS that will help you translate a foreign language into your native language and vice versa with the best voice translator for mobility.

The best voice translator apps for Android and iOS

These voice translator applications will help you translate vocal words into text or even words into words with instant translation. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the best voice translator applications available for mobile devices.

Google translator

The powerful Google translation application, one of the most used instant translation apps. The application has a simple user interface. Therefore, it can be easily used by everyone even without much knowledge of smartphones. Allows instant translation with camera. Use the camera to translate the desired text into 38 languages. It also has conversation mode, in the sense that it instantly translates the spoken text in 32 languages ??in a bidirectional way.

DOWNLOAD | Google Translate Android

DOWNLOAD | Google Translate iOS

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft's free voice translator with an excellent user interface and allows you to translate text and speech synthesis. It supports over 60 languages, so you can use the app in almost all countries. The voice recognition of the app is as great as what you get with the Google app.

Microsoft Translator also includes the translation function via the camera. It allows us to point the camera at the text to translate it instantly. The app also has a fantastic split screen mode to allow two people to have a bilingual conversation, as the app translates speech in real time.

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft Translator Android

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft Translator iOS


iTranslate is a feature-rich translation application. Allows users to translate conversations, texts and even photos. Conversation mode allows two people to converse with the language translation in real time. The app also allows you to create your own phrase book to save and organize words and phrases for future reference.

There is also a dictionary for all languages ??integrated into the application. Most importantly, all these features are accessible for free.

DOWNLOAD | iTraslate Android

DOWNLOAD | iTraslate iOS

SayHi Translator

SayHi Translate supports over 90 languages ??and dialects for translation. The clean user interface is easy to navigate and you also have the possibility to switch from a male voice to a female for voice output. You can also adjust the speed of the voice according to your preferences.

SayHi Translate lets you quickly add translated words or phrases to the clipboard to share them with other apps. Like some other apps in the list, there is a real-time conversation mode. To use the application, the device must be connected to the Internet.

DOWNLOAD | SayHi Android Translator

DOWNLOAD | SayHi iOS translator

Voice Translation – Pronunciation, Text, Translate

This voice translator application has over half a million downloads on the Google Play Store. equipped with both text translation and voice translation. The application supports over 60 different languages ??for translation.

You can access the History tab to check all the translations you have made through the app. If you often translate a word into a sentence, you can add it to your favorites to quickly access the translation when needed. There are no other fancy features like you might find in other voice translation apps in the list. However, the app covers all the basics of a voice translator app.

DOWNLOAD | Voice Translation – Saying, Text, Translate – Android

TripLingo Voice Translator

TripLingo is a traveler-oriented app and has the reputation of being one of the best translation apps for Android. It offers a more educational experience than simply translating words. It comes with an instant voice translator capable of translating speech into 19 languages. The app also gives you access to audio lessons.

Integrated flashcards would help you learn new words and phrases, helping you learn a new language. However, even if you are not trying to learn a new language, the voice translator function works as you would expect.

DOWNLOAD | TripLingo Android

DOWNLOAD | TripLingo iOS

Translator PRO

Here is another fantastic voice translation app that covers all the basics. Translator PRO supports voice entry and text entry. It supports over 60 languages, so you may be able to use the app to translate almost any language.

The free app has a fairly simple user interface. The only disadvantage here is the lackluster features of the app. There is no camera translation or adding a phrase book to create your list of translated words and phrases.

However, if you are looking for a basic voice translation application, we recommend trying out Translator PRO.

DOWNLOAD | Translator PRO Android

DOWNLOAD | Translator PRO iOS

Google Assistant

When it comes to digital assistants, Google Assistant leads the competition. The pre-installed assistant on Android smartphones, so you won't have to download any apps. You can ask Google Assistant to translate a sentence or a word.

If you want to have a conversation with someone who does not speak your language, you can also use the conversation function. For example, if you want to have a conversation in French, use the following command: "help me speak in French". Conversation mode will open automatically.

The only negative aspect of using Google Assistant for voice translation that requires an active Internet connection. also the simplest and most convenient way to quickly translate speech into other languages. If for some reason your device doesn't come with Google Assistant, don't worry. You can download it from below.

DOWNLOAD | Google Android assistant

DOWNLOAD |Google iOS assistant

These are the best voice translation apps for Android and iOS available for mobile devices. Which voice translator app are you currently using?