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The best USB-C car chargers with Power Delivery

The best USB-C car chargers with Power Delivery

What are i best USB-C car chargerscurrently on the market? These common devices are now indispensable objects for anyone who regularly uses the smartphone. Through them, in fact, you can always keep your mobile phone charged (and not only).

Although it is apparently a simple product, in reality the market offers several variations, among which it is not so simple to choose. Even going to frame an even narrower niche, such as that relating to car devices, the offer in this sector is quite wide and varied.

All the products we will talk about today have at least one USB-C port withPower Delivery, a feature that guarantees maximum quality and speed of charge even with the most modern devices. Below we will analyze every single detail of these products, in order to have the information necessary for choosing.

The best USB-C chargers to use in the car

For example, those who travel a lot with their vehicle can easily need to top up their mobile phone. If true they exist powerbank quite functional in this sense, adopting a USB-C charger with Power Delivery can be an even more convenient solution. In this sense, there are devices specially designed for cars.

Compared to USB-C wall or table chargers, this type of product tends to be less bulky and particularly comfortable to keep in the car, ready for any eventuality.

Compared to their predecessors, the new generation USB Type C chargers are capable of delivering a large number of total Watts, even on multiple devices simultaneously. It allows us, for example, to work simultaneously not only on the smartphone but also on any one MP3 player or on their own eBook Reader.

We are therefore going to analyze, specifically, the characteristics to be taken into account before purchasing this product.

USB Type-C and Power Delivery

USB-C a cable standard that replaces the standards Type-A is Type-B. The maximum speed for data transmission is 10 GB / s. Furthermore, the connector can be inserted in both sides, and eliminates the need to look for a hypothetical correct side.

Type C cable

What does it mean Power Delivery? This value, often abbreviated with the abbreviation PD, allows you to recharge some iOS and Android devices until 70% faster than with standard charging. According to some estimates, PD allows users to recharge up to 50% iPhone X in just 30 minutes. Achieving a capacity of up to 100 W, compatible chargers with this technology can safely charge larger devices, including computers.

Intensity and Ampere

Intensity is a value that is defined in mAh (i.e. milliamperora) and defines the battery capacity during charging. Each charger has a value in Ampere, which defines the compatibility or not with certain devices.

The smartphones currently on the market are generally chargeable with an amperage ranging from 1 to 2.4. From this point of view, we recommend that you carefully read both the technical data sheet of your mobile device and the specifications of the charger you are about to purchase (in order to avoid overload problems or the like).

Number of USB ports

A feature that can assume more or less importance for the user on number of USB ports Supplied. While it is true that the best USB-C chargers have various ports, it should be noted that, for a user who intends to regularly charge just one smartphone, these can be almost superfluous. Especially since, models with more doors also tend to have higher costs.

Overheating and preventing other problems

Before proceeding with the purchase, it may be a good practice to examine the product to find any safety solutions. Many of them, or at least the most advanced, have protection systems against overheating and short circuits. It is absolutely superfluous to underline how it is better to avoid problems of this type.

The most popular (and popular) car chargers

After this premise, we can move on to talk about the most popular and appreciated models that can be found on the main digital stores.


With a length of about 4 centimeters, AUKEY CC-S7 a perfect car charger for all those looking for an inconspicuous but extremely practical solution. In fact, the product is very small and can be positioned without particular problems on the dashboard. It manages to issue up to 4.8 Ampere current (2.4 for each port), thanks to the USB-C PD port: this allows you to recharge most Android or iOS smartphones fairly quickly.

Although not a lightning bolt of war in the charging phase, AUKEY CC-S7 offers a refined design that, within a level car, manages to fit perfectly. The not excessive cost also plays in favor of this product.

MZBESTCable car charger

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<p>Another product that deserves to be included in the list of the best USB-C chargers without a shadow of a doubt <strong>MZBESTCable car charger</strong>. This can offer 2 USB ports that support an output power of 30W. In fact, it is possible to safely charge 2 devices simultaneously without particular worries.</p>
<p>The doors are fully compatible with all versions of <strong>Quick Charge</strong> Qualcomm (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0) and USB-C, although this charger can also provide a standard charge for devices not supported by Quick Charge at its normal speed (up to <strong>5V / 2.4A</strong> ) thanks to the Technology of <strong>Qsmart</strong>. MZBESTCable offers a highly compatible product with all the main iOS and Android devices (the data sheet palra of Samsung Galaxy A70, A80, A40, A20E, A50, A8 2018 / A9 2018 / A3 2017 / A5 2017, S10, S10E, S10 Plus , A90, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Mi 9/9 SE / 9T / 8 Lite / 8).</p>
<p>The device we are illustrating equipped with an integrated chip that ensures protection against short circuits, over-voltage and over-voltage. It guarantees maximum safety and charging power stability, also thanks to FCC, CE, PSE and RoHS certifications.</p>
<h3><span id=JOOMFEEN USB Car Charger C

JOOMFEEN charger

Another product worthy of being on this list JOOMFEEN USB Car Charger C. It is a dual port charger with USB C cable. The two ports are from 2.4 Ampere e Quick Charge 3.0. Also in this case, the device equipped with an i-Smart control system to guarantee safety during operation.

The aforementioned Quick Charge 3.0 guarantees a device recharge up to 4 times faster than the industry standards. In fact, most smartphones can be charged from 0 to 80% in about 35 minutes. Not only that: the JOOMFEEN product also guarantees backward compatibility with Quick Charge 1.0 and 2.0 technology. The charger in question, made of aluminum alloy and rigid plastic, is ideal for any type of car, as well as being equipped with appreciable LED lights.

SDTEK charger


The SDTEK charger stands out from the crowd for the particular extendable cable that it offers, capable of extending up to one meter and therefore very practical inside your car. It allows you to charge up to 2 devices simultaneously through sockets USB-C.

In fact, the SDTEK product works very well with all the latest Android smartphones (Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei and all the other major brands). To complete a simple, inexpensive but at the same time functional product, there is a guarantee valid for six months from the time of purchase.

UGREEN 36W Mini Charger

UGREEN 36W Mini Car Charger

So let's end the list with UGREEN 36W Mini Charger, a rather performing device. In this case, in fact, we are talking about a charger equipped with PD, compliant with technology Quick Charge 3.0. Thanks to the 18W of the charger you can fully charge one Xiaomi Mi9 in just an hour.

It is a device easily applicable to the cigarette lighter socket, as it is small and light, capable of offering a minimum size. In fact, it is also a charger compatible with most devices currently on the market (which support PD, Quick Charge 3.0, FCP and AFC). As for the required voltage, it is 12V-24V.