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The best Smart scales compatible with smartphones and fitness trackers

Le migliori bilance Smart compatibili con smartphone e fitness tracker

The balance has always helped us keep body weight under control but thanks to new technologies this device can do much more, monitoring different parameters in a few seconds and allowing us to have enhanced statistics on our health: thanks to the connection with a smartphone iOS or Android turns into a smart scale.

The information passes to the internal memory and / or to an online archive and can be processed to improve a diet, follow muscle development in case of training, the growth of a child or simply to keep the health of the whole family under control.

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What is a Smart Scale?

As the name suggests, a scale that integrates the Smart technologies that we find today on watches, headphones and all the other latest generation devices, primarily smartphones. In the specific case it is a balance that sometimes measures only body weight, other times a real one impedance meter (impedance measurement measures the impedance of the body or the "bioimpedance" or "bio-resistance" to the passage through four electrodes of a low power, high frequency electric current: 50 kHz) capable of measuring in a few seconds all the data that allow to know the state of health of your body.

What are the benefits of being smart?

The fact that it is Smart does not only mean that it is able to collect this data but also to process it through an app on the smartphone – or on a tablet – to offer useful statistics over time. It is a real intelligent device that in some cases can even be configured to work with all members of the family, which will be automatically recognized thanks to the weight previously detected and / or to the single paired device that is located near the balance.

The best Smart scales compatible with smartphones and fitness trackers

What does a Smart scale measure in detail?

As said, not all Smart scales are the same. The most advanced models are able to measure body weight together with the percentage of muscle mass, fat mass and lean mass, bone mass, hydration level is oxygen in the blood, heartbeat, BMI, Body Mass Index or body mass index that the relationship between weight and height square and that used as an indicator of the state of weight shape and finallyBMR:The mean value of basal metabolic ratewhich is obtained by multiplying the weight in kg by a coefficient that varies according to gender and age (on average one kilocalorie per kg of mass per hour: per day means 24 times the weight in kilocalories). The incorrect value for those in an overweight condition: a more precise calculation is obtained using the weight of the lean mass only, using for coefficients that take into account the ideal percentage of fat mass, which varies according to age and sex. these indices need indications on the measurements of the "weighted" (et, height) which can only be entered via smartphone.

What types of wireless connection do you use?

Here too the answer is different according to the model chosen, but generally all rely on WiFi, Bluetooth or a combination of both technologies to communicate weight data and calculations to local databases or on the web.

How does it combine with the smartphone?

In addition to the Bluetooth / WiFi connection, it is necessary to download the paired app on your favorite mobile device (smartphone or tablet) following the on-screen instructions for the first configuration. Subsequently it will be used for data collection and related monitoring through graphs and tables auto-generated by the system.

The best Smart scales compatible with smartphones and fitness trackers

How does it combine with fitness trackers?

Some models are able to take into account the data collected by fitness trackers, therefore they are able to provide even more precise statistics as it also takes into account the user's physical activity. There is no connection between the balance and the fitness tracker: the phone – with its app – will always function as a bridge for the system.

The best Smart scales compatible with smartphones and fitness trackers

The best Smart scales 2018

Nokia Body +

Among the first solutions that arrived on the market, still today an excellent balance, especially in terms of price / quality ratio. Monitor weight, body fat and water percentage, as well as muscle and bone mass. The most interesting aspect is the presence of an automatic data synchronization system: at each weight check, the information automatically appears in the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi.

also able to encourage healthy conduct by monitoring nutrition, just set a weight goal and manage the daily calorie balance. It also features daily and multi-user weather forecasts: up to 8 users – automatically recognized by the system – can weigh themselves and access their personal weight history.

The advanced and sophisticated platform Nokia Body Cardio which offers not only classic weighing and fat mass measurement functions with historical tracking, but also capable of detecting arterial stiffness caused by problems, such as high blood pressure and cholesterolthus helping to prevent strokes, heart attacks and other heart failure.

Usually, this type of measurement is conducted in clinical environments and reserved for patients diagnosed with arterial hypertension or other chronic diseases, but with Body Cardio it is possible to bring all this inside the users' homes, making measurements on the basis of the age and time required it uses blood to flow from the aorta to the blood vessels in the extremities.

Withings Body

This scale is useful for a diet, to keep one's diet under control or to constantly follow the balance between lean mass and body fat mass. It works like all the other advanced scales. by measuring the breakdown between muscle mass and fat mass, recording the Body Mass Index to allow you to follow the real impact of what you eat and physical exercises.

It also has automatic user recognition (up to 8 users), offers comparison with the reference values ​​and connects via Wi-Fi to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on which it will be necessary to install the relevant application. At that point the scale communicates with Apple devices which become not only an extension of its screen but a powerful data analysis tool. Thanks to the graphical representation, the evolution of your shape over time can be visualized at a glance, the data synchronized, compared with that recommended by doctors and the measurements can be shared.

The scale also useful for those who do not have an iOS device. The Wi-Fi connection also operates via browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on a common computer (PC or Mac) by processing the same data it offers on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

It is the ideal solution if you have a Withings fitness tracker: all the data collected by the latter will be synchronized in the same app and used to enhance graphs and statistics by combining the parameters monitored by the scale.

Qardio Base 2

This bathroom scale, in addition to weight, measure lbody mass index, the basal metabolic rate, the visceral fat, the bone mass is lean massas well as percentage of water and fat in the body. It can therefore make a difference when you want to keep an eye on muscle development over time and find out if the workouts are paying off, or if a diet is actually reducing body fat as hoped for or if the pregnancy proceeds as it should.

It is the renewed version of the first model that our editorial staff has tried in the past. It offers a larger base that guarantees greater stability on the floor on which it rests and ensures pleasant use even with people with larger feet. It then integrates an improved sensor system that adds new algorithms designed to ensure more accurate and faster body measurements and employs a more efficient haptic engine to signal more accurately when the measurement has been completed.

Furthermore, instead of being powered by the classic AAA batteries, it incorporates a rechargeable battery that ensures up to twelve months of autonomy on a single charge. The Qardio Application allows the joint use with the pressure meter of the same company and the new detection system for the multi-sensor heart.

Eufy BodySense

For the details and operation of this impedance meter scale, please refer to our review where you will also find field tests. It is a bathroom scale that, in addition to the weight, percentage measurement of lean mass and fat mass, of water in the body, bone and muscle mass, as well as calculating BMI and BMR. It works with four AA-style batteries included in the package and all parameters are collected within an app for iOS and Android (without app, it only detects the weight).

Koogeek S1

Practically identical to the Eufy BodySense scale in the operation and in the data collected, it can be taken into consideration only for the different design (if a light colored version is preferred). For more details you can take a look at our review.

Fitbit Aria 2

And the evolution of Fitbit's Wi-Fi scale launched in 2012. This completely redesigned version (available in black and white) is more precise and faster than the previous generation and designed to be used by eight different users by monitoring the statistics of each member of the family.

It can control weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI, allows you to set personal goals by following the user in their achievement and thanks to the Kick You Sugar Habit program it is possible to follow guided health programs, where you learn, for example, to reduce the sugar consumption and develop healthy eating habits.

It is the ideal choice for those who already have a Fitbit bracelet or fitness tracking device. In this case, in fact, the app will be able to access the data collected by all Fitbit devices, creating even more precise statistics.

iHealth Core

This scale measures and displays your weight and body fat percentage on the backlit screen and can automatically recognize up to 10 users, so each family member can create a profile and access their data.

In addition to offering all the characteristics of classic scales (weight and body mass index), iHealth Core calculates 6 different masses, thanks to the four electrodes under the feet:

Body fat (expressed as a percentage) calculated from the amount of fat in relation to body weight; Lean mass (expressed in kg) calculated by subtracting the amount of fat from the total body weight; Body fluids (expressed as a percentage of total body mass) which indicate the total quantity of fluids present in the body; Muscle mass (expressed in kg) which indicates the weight of your muscles; Bone mass (expressed in kg) which indicates the amount of bones in the body; Abdominal fat index: the fat that is found in the abdominal cavity that surrounds the vital organs. Using an algorithm, the balance then calculates an estimate of the optimal daily calorie intake.

The lower left corner of the support surface shows the room temperature: it is advisable to keep it at 21 Β° C to feel good and avoid excess humidity that could cause the formation of mold. The lower right corner shows the ambient humidity: the ideal value between 40 and 60%.

It connects via Wi-Fi to the free iHealth MyVitals app to allow you to follow the change in the indicators selected over time over the graph. You can view your history at any time, set goals to see the best results and share them safely with your doctor, family and friends.