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The best sites to watch free TV series streaming [AGGIORNATO Dicembre 2019]

see TV series free streaming

Users who like to watch streaming TV series are in strong growth, which is why on-demand services are providing numerous international titles on their platforms. The strong demand but not everyone is subscribed to one of these paid services and they don't know how to go about watching their favorite series. In this article, after proposing i sites to watch free streaming movies and TV series (Link), I would like to suggest those that I think are the best sites to watch free streaming TV series Italians and foreigners.

Sites to watch free streaming TV series

If you are a TV series eater and would like to see them outside the home, in another guide I talked about how to watch TV series on the phone. They are useful services for never losing an episode of your favorite series even if you are away from home. If you don't know where to watch TV series for free on a mobile device, here is a guide on how to watch TV series on your phone:

If you continue to read, instead, you will discover a selection of the best sites that allow you to watch TV Series free streaming both using a PC and a Smart TV.

To make this selection of sites even more complete, I invite you to report in the comments those that you think are the best. Only those that we consider really interesting will be included to share them with other readers.

To allow you a better view of the free streaming TV series, let's point out a guide, which allows you to speed up the streaming of videos on your computer:

Selection of sites to watch free streaming TV series

The network full of sites that allow you to watch movies and TV series streaming illegally. But there are also many others whose contents are completely legal and which can be viewed for free without infringing copyright. I really want to talk to you about these last ones. Continue reading and you will find out what we think are among the best sites to watch TV series free streaming in a legal way. The positive aspect of these services that you can watch TV series and free streaming movies without registration.

Watch TV series with Vodkey


Are you a TV series fan? Then watch TV series for free with Vodkey. This site does not have its own archive. It appears in the form of a link collector. They refer to sites that broadcast fully legal streaming movies and TV series. Therefore, on this site you do not find the video content directly, but it suggests where to see it.

The site is divided into various sections containing films, TV series, web series and the top of the week. The posters of the TV series or films appear at home. At the top of each poster there is the indication of the platform (Rai.TV,, Youtube, etc.) where you will be sent back to watch the content. By clicking on the cover image you will see further information of the selected TV series and the link where to look at it.

Link | Vodkey

High quality TV series with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

See high quality TV series with Amazon Prime Video. This is the new platform of the famous international e-commerce giant. Not everyone knows it. The free service for all those who have subscribed to Amazon Prime (you can activate it from here and it costs 19.99 per year). It provides many video content for free, such as movies and TV series, both in Italian and English with subtitles.

On Amazon Prime Video you can find successful TV series such as American Gods, The Grand Tour and The Man in The High Castle as well as many 4K content. You can watch offline content with the Prime Video app, downloading them to iPhone, iPad, Fire tablets or Android devices. You don't have to pay anything to watch TV series. all included in the annual Amazon Prime subscription. And if you sign up through our link, the first month is completely free.

Link | Amazon Prime Video

Streaming TV show on Raiplay


Do you want to watch streaming TV shows that have been shown on TV? Raiplay the state broadcaster's web platform. You can access a well-stocked catalog of films, TV series, shows, and much more. Also always available is the live programming of the RAI TV channels.

Link | Raiplay

In addition to using PC or Smart TV, you can also download the app for smartphones and tablets. To see how to do it, I suggest you read the guide on how to see Rai Play on your smartphone which you can find at the link below. On RayPlay you can find Movies, Fiction, Web Series and much more.

Watch series online with YouTube


Watch series online on Youtube for free. On well-known streaming video giant you don't find just amateur videos of a few minutes. There are also channels on which you can find complete and free movies. Just go to the integrated search box and write what interests you. Not all channels are reliable, but you will find many others that are completely legal, such as Streaming Movie MOVIE ON.

I advise you to read our guide on Youtube channels to watch complete movies for free in streaming.

Conclusions: websites to watch TV series and streaming TV series

As stated at the beginning of the article, this is not an exhaustive list of sites to watch TV series free streaming in a legal way. Do you know other services where to watch TV series and free streaming movies without registration?

We have proposed other solutions that deal with this topic, helping to find appropriate sites to watch TV series free.

This link allows you to watch the best fictions broadcast by Rai even on your phone:

Here are two more links that let you watch TV Series for free:

I expect your participation to further enrich this archive of sites to watch TV series free streaming. The essential thing is to favor service quality. Discover also where to watch TV series for free and legally on your PC, smartphone and tablet.