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The best Mac games to try absolutely in 2020

The best Mac games to try absolutely in 2020

Despite the devices Mac focus mainly on the workplace, in recent years developers have been making compatible games for this platform as well. If until a few years ago, in fact, the choice was scarce to say the least or limited to some emulators, the manufacturers began to look with interest also at the Apple environment, bringing several interesting titles to the platform. Apple.

The first games to arrive on the computers of the Cupertino house were really basic: it was mainly casual games or in any case low-profile products. In 2020, fortunately, a Mac user can take off different satisfactions in a gaming environment.

In this article we will show you the best Mac games on the market in 2020. Before starting, we recommend using a PS4 controller in your Mac: by following the procedure you can in fact optimize your experience. In addition, you can also decide to try some video game titles available in the Sony console directly on your computer.


The best free-to-play video games for Mac

Let's start immediately with the so-called free-to-play video games. They are available for free and may include the possibility of making in-game purchases. This means that in some cases it will be possible to purchase non-mandatory products within the video game.

Dota 2

Speak about Dota 2 difficult, given that the video game is very large and full of elements. It is a title MOBA developed by Valve Corporation. It is totally free and offers the opportunity to grow rapidly by making purchases within the title.

Dota 2 for Mac

Dota 2 is a famous MOBA developed by Valve Corporation and which has been extremely successful, thanks to the game mechanics, the breadth of the world and the very special graphics.

The gamer will have to choose one of the over 100 characters available and rush into the battle. The goal is to coordinate with your teammates and succeed in destroying the rivals' fortress. Are you ready to go on the battlefield?

Available for download directly from Steam (free).

Brawlhalla for Mac

A scene from Brawhalla

Brawhalla a fast-paced and colorful video game: it was developed by Blue Mammouth Games and free.

A frantic and never banal free video game Brawlhalla, developed by Blue Mammouth Games. The basic idea of ​​this fun and fast-paced video game similar to that of Super Smash Bros. Each player will be able to choose a hero and fight against their friends, random people or the computer itself. The goal is to throw rivals off the map.

Available for download directly from Steam (free).

The best paid video games for Mac of 2020

In addition to these free video games, we have also prepared a list with some titles for a fee not to be missed. Despite being a lot of fun, the video games available for Mac are much less numerous than those compatible with Windows computers or consoles.

Payments on Steam they can be carried out in different ways and you can be sure that the portal is secure, without neglecting the usual and indispensable precautions.


A scene from XCOM 2 for Mac

It dates back to 2016 XCOM 2, sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This video game set 20 years after the victory of the alien invaders. Earthlings are forced to live under the control of a puppet government called ADVENT. After years of inactivity, XCOM forces will try to annihilate these creatures. The gamer will then have to choose the right tactics in a turn-based strategy full of exciting adventures. The title developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games for various platforms, including Macs.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 49.99 euros).

A scene from Football Manager 2020

Football manager a simulator that turns gamers into real football coaches. You will then be led to make choices and try to make your team triumph. The last chapter, that of 2020, has been enriched with new features and game mechanics that manage to add further parameters to be taken care of, making the experience even more complete. An unmissable title for football fans and organization lovers.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 54.99 euros).

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The last chapter of the new series starring the brave Lara Croft Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Our advice is to buy the Definitive Edition, so as to obtain additional material that will further amplify the experience. The one present in this chapter is the largest world ever created in this now iconic video game series.

A scene from Tomb Raider for Mac

Lara finds herself immersed in the forest looking for a dangerous organization. Guided by his usual spirit, this character will live a new adventure: survive in a new inhospitable and full of dangers environment.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 19.58).

Sid Meiers

A scene from Civilization VI

Civilization VI, the last chapter of the saga Civilization of the computer scientist Sid Meier, a turn-based strategic video game available for different platforms. The goal of the videogame player is to interact with the world, to raise an empire, to make it expand and develop a real culture. During this adventure, it will be possible to gore more than 20 leaders really existed and different realities.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 59.99 euros).

Tropic 6

Will you be a fearsome dictator or a peaceful commander? Tropic 6 a video game in which you can create your state in an archipelago of islands. As with the previous chapter, the story will be distributed in four main chapters: the colonial era, the era of world wars, the era of the cold war and the modern era.

A scene from Tropico 6 for Mac

The most interesting feature of this new chapter, which came out, after many delays, in the 2019, the possibility of arranging the buildings on several islands, unlike what happened in previous video games. Players will have to impersonate El Presidente (the character will be editable), a sort of dictator who leads a population.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 49.99 euros).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Mac

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 one of the most popular chapters in the series FPS Call of Duty. Preceded by a prequel and followed by a sequel, this part of the story full of twists and, although already a few years old, still very enjoyable. Inevitably, the less impressive graphics compared to other more recent video games, but even in 2020 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be able to conquer you.

A scene from Call of Duty

You will have to lead a fighter during a civil war in Russia and one in the Middle East. The Russian ultranationalists have taken power: are you ready to start this new challenge in one of the most popular FPS ever?

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 19.99 euros).

ARK: Survival Evolved

You are on a deserted island, without clothes and utensils. In this area you are immersed in an ecosystem full of dinosaurs and technological devices. In ARK: Survival Evolved you will have to survive, get in touch with other players (often even hostile), build your equipment and explore a large world full of scenarios. The title is very particular and may not immediately conquer some gamers, but with time, after understanding the dynamics of the game, everything will be very intuitive.

A scene from Ark for Mac

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 23.75 euros).

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for Mac

Winner of over 50 awards, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor a video game action RPG very interesting, inspired by the fantasy universe created by J. R. R. Tolkien in his novels. You will have to impersonate a ghost, who after dying will return to battleground again to defeat Mordor and his seemingly infallible army.

A scene from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

A very compelling story, especially in the preliminary stages, and a balanced level of difficulty. Game mechanics not innovative, but already appreciated in many previous and subsequent video games. It will be possible to discover this fantasy universe and inevitably find links with films and novels. A timeless story that will keep you glued to the screen.

Available for download directly from Steam (price: 19.99 euros).

Apple Arcade: the platform for gamers

Apple Arcade a service available for a few months. In exchange for a monthly subscription, users will be able to access numerous video games, without in-app purchases, on various platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

The promotional image of Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade, available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, allows users to access over 100 video game titles for only € 4.99 per month.

The video games available, initially, were approx 100 and the Cupertino giant is increasing this number more and more, obtaining the attention and approval of more and more users. The videogame titles will be downloadable and can be explored directly inside a specially designed control panel. Apple has also been able to count on some experts in the gaming sector, who have created several exclusive projects.

Apple Arcade: cost and compatibility

One of the strong points of Apple Arcade is the price: only 4.99 euros per month to access the entire catalog, without a real limitation. Apple Arcade compatible with the main operating systems of the manufacturer, namely: iOS 13, iPadOS, tvOS 13 and macOS Catalina (and later versions).

Steam: cos, where to download it and how to use it

Steam a platform developed by Valve, a software house known for having curated titles such as Half-Life and Portal. It can be seen as a huge store from which you can buy several video games. There is no shortage of free products, which often present purchases within the software itself. The platform, in addition to managing video games in a digital bookstore, offers additional features, such as goals, rewards and community-related features.

The Steam logo

Steam one of the main platforms for PC and Mac that allows you to download free and paid video games.

Download Steam very simple. The platform available for free and can be downloaded in a few clicks.

  • Go to the official Steam website.
  • You will find a brief description, some video games available and various information: you will need to click on "Install Steam", ie the green button.
  • Click on this element to start the download.
  • Launch the file you just downloaded by making two clicks on it.
  • In a few minutes, the installation phase will end.

After opening Steam, you will be asked to create a new account or log in. After completing this procedure, you can start browsing the pages of the platform.

Other video games for Mac

The spread of Indie games has seen the production of a large number of titles also suitable for platforms hitherto little considered such as Linux and Mac. Take a look at this list and, if necessary, in the comments, report other interesting titles that are compatible with this OS.


Let's start with an enthralling title to say the least as evidenced by myself and excellent reviews on Steam. Forget action and stunning graphics: Rimworld offers nothing of that. It is a graphically very basic title, but that allows you to manage a band of astronauts who survived a space accident. Finding themselves on the surface of a planet, they will have to build a small base, produce food, defend themselves from gangs of marauders. In short, these astronauts will have to find ways to survive in the best possible way.

Each individual character has many parameters, vices and characteristics that make it unique and, based on this, it can be more or less easy to manage it in certain situations. The dynamics of the game are extraordinarily cured mechanics, which give ample space to the imagination of the videogame player and to original strategies every time.

Prison Architect

The graphics are the same as Rimworld, though Prison Architect less recent, having been released in the now distant 2015. Despite the age, this title is absolutely enjoyable in the MacOS environment as well as on Windows. We are not dealing with an alien planet but with a penitentiary institution. Our mission is to create a prison and manage it in the best possible way, avoiding evasions and trying (as far as possible) to reintegrate prisoners into society.

In addition to the actual construction phase, there is a strong management component with regards to staff, the schedules to be managed for each activity and much more. Even with Prison Architect we cannot speak of a masterpiece on a graphic level, but for management lovers, it is an interesting title to say the least.


Rust a survival, released in February 2018, of considerable thickness. The player is catapulted into a world where he has nothing. He will have to start getting food and clothes, always being careful of the dangers that an inhospitable world hides. Hunt, collect stone and wood, build a shelter … last but not least, the other players may not be friendly! In some cases you can join groups of them to build real forts or to attack others, all in total freedom.

The ability to loot (loot) other players at the same time intriguing but can be unnerving for those who approach Rust and are not yet particularly familiar with the game.

It is a tough, ruthless survival that can punish even those who have no particular blame! Just meet the wrong person to be plundered of all your possessions. It is therefore not a title suitable for those who get angry easily!

Dead Cells

With Dead Cells we are talking about one of the most interesting Indies in recent years. It is a metroidvania with retro graphics but at the same time extremely cured. The main strengths of this captivating title are an irresistible combat system, an excellent setting and a compelling progression system.

In Dead Cells in game rhythm it appears high but never confusing. It makes us this adrenaline-fueled but at the same time never chaotic title. Learn the behavior of the enemies to be able to beat them with a very satisfying sense of progression and command of the controls, capable of satisfying both old-style gamers and younger gamers. If you prefer a strong action component, this game could be for you!

Total War: Warhammer 2

Released in 2017, Total War: Warhammer 2 definitely one of the best Mac games. Reason? In addition to the extremely cured and compelling fantasy-themed setting (remember that we are talking about Warhammer!), The Creative Assembly product offers a perfect mix of strategy and epicity that has conquered a large number of videogames scattered all over the world.

Despite being one of the best strategic-tactical in recent years, Total War: Warhammer 2 has a small flaw, namely the large number of paid DLC. If you calculate that the security in question is already not particularly cheap, easy to understand how to be able to fully enjoy it, you will need to put a heavy hand on the portfolio.


If you are fond of sea and diving, Subnautica a game that cannot be missing from your collection. It is a very relaxing first-person survival, far removed from Rust's frenzied rhythms. In this case, the spaceship of our alter ego will find itself falling on a world largely covered by vast oceans. Our mission, in addition to surviving, is to build a base and find ways to leave.

Much of the action in Subnautica takes place underwater, in extraordinary settings from a graphic point of view. An excellent crafting element and a balanced degree of challenge are other strong points of this videogame highly appreciated both on macOS and in the Windows environment.


We close this list with another very interesting game signed Paradox Interactive, that is Stellaris. It is a large-scale strategic that allows you to manage an entire alien civilization. Starting from a single planet, the player will gradually have to build an interstellar empire by exploring other galaxies. Only problem? Soon I will have to deal with other alien races. In some cases it will be an excellent opportunity to make some friends, in other cases the first contact will not be so pleasant …

Although the latest patches have raised many controversies within the community, Stellaris remains a very interesting game for those who love this type of product. As said for Total War: Warhammer 2, a rather substantial problem could be the amount of DLC that accompanies this title: the complete package could cost you several tens of euros.