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The best keyboards for Android

The best keyboards for Android

18 proposals for those looking for a new way to write and communicate

Who has Android knows it:there is nothing more difficult than choosing the keyboard. We are not talking about physical keys, those we have long since abandoned them, but of the different apps that aim to make us abandon the robot's virtual keyboard. Not that the standard goes wrong, but the alternative proposals are so many and so interesting which is worth knowing about them. Of course, it is not easy to juggle in this jungle, there are dozens and new ones are born almost every day.

Beside valuable works there are hidden proposals and it must be said that there is no perfect keyboard in an absolute sense, but it is certainly the perfect one for us. Since we all felt it was a huge work, we did it for you. And away with the typing.


It looks like the keyboard that reads thought and it must be said that it does what it says. We are facing a complete Querty that predicts the next word based on the previous one, making the writing very fast. Practically learns as we type, but to give it the turbo we have to have it scan email, Twitter and Facebook so that we can understand our writing style and improve forecasts. Of course, doing so gives them free access to everything we write, not an easy choice. The flow allows you to write by swiping your finger on the letters that form the word while thanks to the SwiftKey cloud saves our settings to share them with our devices. The free trial lasts thirty days and then must necessarily be purchased for 3.99 euros.

Comment: beautiful but nosy.

TouchPal X Keyboard

It competes with the previous palmares of the most popular keyboards on the web. In addition to the flow of individual words, called Curve, it also offers the Wave mode in which it is possible to write whole sentences by swiping the finger. Here too we have the support of the cloud, which TouchPal uses to predict words. It then scans what is written by others to detect the phrases in vogue and have a dictionary always updated. In Italian he limps a little, the forecast is not always accurate, but on the other hand the free app and without advertising. To save data in the cloud, you pay $ 2.99 a year.

Comment: a free bomb.


As the name implies, the swipe invented her. so let's expect a speed of prediction to the limits of the futuristic, a job that performs very well and smoothly. If before it was alone and therefore unique, now it feels the weight of years and increasingly fierce competition. For those who write in multiple languages ​​for the possibility of double prediction, as in English and Italian, which helps a lot and among the strengths is the management of punctuation, accents and corrections. The free trial lasts 30 days, then you pay € 2.91 but on some devices pre-installed.

Comment: if you already have the best choice on board.

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard

What can I say, beautiful. Graphically the best, with a lot of personalized themes, a tsunami of emoticons and Emoji, a mix of settings to choose from, even input sounds. The problem for which customizations involve many downloads and then the forecast comes only at the end of the word, not while you write it and the keys are small. The free version lasts forever but has different advertisements and to remove them you have to spend 2.19 euros.

Comment: beautiful, but not dancing.

Thumb Keyboard

As the name implies, here it's all about inches. The keyboard can in fact be divided into two parts, with the QWERT column on the right and the YUIOP on the left, so as to have the letters within reach of the finger while holding the device in your hands. The thumbs for are also those of the screen. Thumb Keyboard indeed it goes like a splinter on tablet or phablet displays while on smartphones it doesn't change much. Strange but true, there is not a free version and you have to shell out immediately 2.14 euros.

Comment: for those who want to fly with tablets and phablets.

Hacker Keyboard

Hackers Keyboard

Friends, geeks, this for you. We are facing a virtual chart that perfectly simulates that for PC, with customization modes that allow you to include the Tab, Ctrl, Esc and Fn keys, the Windows key and the directional arrows. Ideal therefore to use the combinations we are used to on the physical keyboard or when we use mobile devices to control the computer remotely. Without forgetting that free and without advertising.

Comment: for geeks and PC fanatics.

Kii Keyboard

Its purpose is to merge Swiftkey, Swipe, Go Keyboard, Thumb Keyboard and Better keyboard and we must say that it succeeds. The emphasis is all on personalization: we can choose the format QWERTY, Azerty, Colemak or Dvorak, it has a beautiful feast of Emoji, the prediction of words and the inevitable swipe. The beauty of it is that you can choose different configurations for when we have the screen vertically or horizontally and a good dose of preset themes that help us in the choice. The Alien Text function is nice, replacing the vowels with numbers. You can use it for free, but to unlock all its features you pay 3.16 euros.

Comment: for those who want a keyboard of their own.


Here we are in the field of extreme experimentation, with a very innovative and somewhat crazy keyboard. To get the most out of your display, the QWERTY is all on one line, on a bar at the bottom of the screen that leaves plenty of room for content that we are viewing. Not easy to use and a lot of practice is needed, all based on speed rather than precision and to fully exploit it, we must make extensive use of self-correction. The keys are so small that, at least at the beginning, the rule is more wrong than the exception but once you get the hand you go as fast as a splinter. free for 30 days, then you pay 2.49 euros.

Comment: for those looking for something new.


The keyboard faster than ever and not so much to say. Fleksy broke the previous world record by allowing a user to type in a sentence of 126 letters in 18.44 seconds. In order to reach hypervelocit, it makes extensive use of prediction: instead of correcting the written words, it tries to predict (or rather guess) what we are writing before having even entered a single letter. A bit like SwiftKey, in short, and even here we can resort to the analysis of social networks to teach them our writing style and help them make almost perfect predictions. Free for 30 days, then costs 2.92 euros.

Comment: for those who want maximum speed.


Like so many other ai.types a predictive keyboard, but in addition offers shortcuts that allow you to write a whole sentence by typing a few letters. From the classic IMHO, In My Humble Opinion, to CULA (See You Later Alligator), you write the acronyms and he dissolves them in the correct sentences, and the beauty that are entirely customizable, allowing you to write an entire email by typing just two letters. THE many themes available allow you to customize it as you prefer. The free trial lasts 14 days. Then you pay 3.49 euros.

Comment: for chat maniacs and the listless.


Here too the shortcuts reappear, but they are above all graphic. In this case you write with the icons, then mixing drawing and letters. Then pressing the same icon several times then complete sentences are created. We press once on the icon with the hand that says Hi and that word appears, pressing it a second time he writes there, a third and appears Shao, sign that the keyboard has learned the language of the ggiovani. With I'm sorry the sequence appears I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm very sorry. Combining the two with the icon I can't see the sentence appears Hi, I'm sorry, I can't now. Punctuation goes to Ramengo and to use it requires a long training, but fun is guaranteed. Free.

Comment: for graphics enthusiasts.


Here yes Swype with both thumbs, the fingers fly on the display at the speed of light and at the beginning it is very easy to mess up, but after a little training you reach the right path. The trick is all about coordinating the two hands well otherwise writing impossible. The zero-sum result: or you love it or hate it, but in our opinion it is certainly worth taking a test drive. If you like it then you can buy the full version for 2.99 euros.

Comment: for those who dominate the swype as a kung-fu master.


Here we are on the moon. We have in front of us nine letters (u, l, n, c, i, o, j, t, f) and by combining them we form the others following a graphic scheme. U is u damage w, n is n damage m, c pi the they give the to. Hard to find even a single practical reason hidden behind this W10 yet perfect for those who want to go crazy behind a new system, having fun making a billion mistakes, but learning the writing of the dawn of time. free but there is also a pro version for 2.99 euros.

Comment: for brains in the pure state.


Maximum customization, with the possibility of choosing the text and keyboard color, the font. Good prediction, but not at the top e has geolocated suggestions. Depending on where we are in fact it allows us to write names of the streets, clubs or points of interest that we have around us, saving many precious digits. Free for 30 days, then costs 2.15 euros.

Comment: for those who often tour the city.


Very light, it weighs less than a mega, takes up very little RAM, but has more than 130 languages ​​available. It has the swype and all the available keyboard formats (Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty, Dvorak …) plus the possibility of creating your own style by choosing whether to arrange the letters on four or five rows. The strong point for the rapid passage from one language to another, a good idea for those who chat with people from more than one country. still at the Beta stage, so some legitimate bugs but free of charge.

Comment: for polyglots.

Smart keyboard

For those who can't suffer from swype, here is a traditional keyboard, where you type letter after letter. He has a good spell checker, predicts the words a little wrong and has excellent support for our language. Furthermore, for those who love the iPhone design, there is a skin that imitates the keyboard, otherwise you can choose many other themes. The free version lasts forever but shows an annoying pop-up at startup that can be avoided by paying 2.39 euros.

Comment: for vintage lovers.


Swype, skins and a 3D theme that will appeal to lovers of the third dimension and annoys everyone else. For those who write very long texts has an upper bar to cut, copy and paste, and gods quick keys to insert images and select text. Free for 15 days, then costs 3.99 euros. Really too much.

Comment: to try but without too many expectations.

Super Keyboard

Super Keyboard

Here too the aim is the maximum speed with predictive system and spell checker that watch over our mistakes and help us to type thinking only of sense, in fact the text takes care of the text. Nice the 4 × 3 interface like the old phones with the addition of the expensive T9 while Alien Text turns vowels into numbers. Free, it also has a premium version of 2.34 euros.

Comment: a good alternative to the usual keyboard.


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