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The best free apps really useful, to install

The best free 2018 apps

The best free apps that can change your life a bit. The useful apps for Android and iOS that you should install, the best apps 2019

The best free apps that can change, at least a little, your life. The useful applications for Android and iOS you should install, the best app 2018 which should not be missing on your smartphone. We chose the best app to download for freethat they have a real usefulness, we have tried and used them you just have to read and then go up Goole Play Store or App store to download them.

The best free 2018 apps

The best free 2018 apps


Best free apps 2018

The best free apps 2018: Flipboard

Flipboard probably the best app in the world to read the news. an accurate aggregator software of news that they arrived not only from the most popular websites but from a series of curators who choose the best news and order them by topic. the closest reading experience to browse a real magazine that can be done with an app. The ease of reading, the possibility of choosing your favorite curators, large and small publishers, the elegant format similar to a real magazine. Make it one of the best free apps out there and if you don't get it you should install it right away (and of course follow Digitalic). perfect when you want to read the things you really care about. Unmissable.


best free snapseed app

The best free apps: Snapseed


best free dropbox app

The best free apps: Dropbox

Dropbox the pioneer in archiving on cloud, helped spread online file storage, photos, music and documents for easy access on any device wherever you are. Users can have 2 GB of free storage in the cloud for their files, with the possibility of synchronization and offline access to files stored in the cloud. this the function that makes the difference and that puts Dropbox among the best free apps in the world: the file is really on your computer and also in the cloud, then when you change locally, the synchronized copy is updated online. Being in the cloud, pi files are always accessible and can be shared with anyone, giving them the chance to download them even to people who don't have Dropbox and edit them directly in the cloud, too. There is also a convenient photo scanner mode that allows you to take snapshots of everything from payment receipts to blackboards, to save them as PDF. integrated in many other data saving apps (as in Word for smartphones) this flexibility makes it one of the most useful apps not to be missed.


Best free WhatTheFont app

The best free 2018 apps: WhatTheFont

One of most useful app for graphic designers and graphics enthusiasts: WhatTheFont which also helps the most inexperienced person to identify the fonts, using the optical recognition of the i and the camera of the smartphone as a viewfinder. Just take a picture of the character you want to identify, and the app does the rest, finding the closest matches in the MyFonts database and also reporting similar characters. This one of the best free apps a bit a Shazam for fonts, a SounHound of the Graphics. Once you recognize the framed font you can also test it by typing the text inside the app. We also talked about it here at WhatTheFont because it's really one useful app.


Best free scanbot app

The best free 2018 apps: Scanbot

What Noted for audio notes, Scanbot lo for i documents. Scanbot turns your smartphone into a powerful portable scanner, which allows you to scan documents and QR codes and then save them in high quality JPG or PDF files and for this among the useful apps for many people. Scans can be saved locally, shared in the cloud or faxed from the app. Automatic edge detection and a wide range of filters, tools and settings help you get a very sharp scan from your smartphone's camera. It is therefore possible to create clear and legible electronic versions of documents and important written notes. one of the best free apps that does it all, but premium paid subscribers offer extra features like optical character recognition, iCloud synchronization, support for a variety of file transfer protocols, editing, encryption and passcode protection.

Civilization AR

Best free Civilizations AR app

Best free 2018 apps: Civilizations AR

The Civilizations AR app draws on the augmented reality tools of iOS and Android to bring ancient relics and cultural treasures of the past to life through augmented reality. You can view each heirloom with realistic 3D rendering, using the phone as an AR camera. Not only can you see unprecedented views, you can even zoom in and rotate objects. Then there are interactive features such as X-ray views and narratives that add to the AR experience, as you learn to know the secrets, origins and history of these global cultural treasures. For excellent quality one of the best free apps in the world and probably the best app ever for augmented reality e undoubtedly one of the useful apps for those who love AR.

Google Trips

Best free Google Trips app

The best free 2018 apps: Google Trips

Google Trips turn your smartphone into an all-in-one travel assistant, collecting travel itineraries and reservations received by e-mail in automatically sorted groups in one place. Your reservations are automatically collected by Gmail and organized in individual trips. Every trip includes daily programs, things to do, suggestions on what to eat and drink and much more. The app also includes tips, plans of the day and related tourist attractions based on your tastes. A very useful feature of this app is the possibility for users to save the details of their trip locally on the smartphone, in order to be able to consult every detail offline usage away from Wi-Fi or avoiding any costly roaming charges. one of the best free apps in the world for the use of artificial intelligence applied to the tastes of the user and undoubtedly one of the most useful apps to organize trips. Google Trips for AndroidGoogle Trips for iOS

best free app

The best free apps:

Very busy people often forget about daily activities and chores, but l to make sure that the program of things to do is always respected, among the best free applications to create a to-do-list but not only can you create reminders, notes and you can share to-do lists and assign tasks to others. The app lets you sync phone, desktop, web and tablet to keep lists up to date. A voice feature allows you to add items to the activity list simply by speaking. In this useful app there is also the integration with the calendar for a better management of the list of activities. one of the best free apps but there is also the premium version with advanced features.


Best free apps 2018

The best free 2018 apps: Noted

Noted turns your smartphone into a powerful tool to record and take notes in a perfect way to keep track of conferences, meetings, interviews and other occasions, among the useful apps really. THE'app records audio, also allowing users to type notes (with rich text and image support), which are automatically marked with a searchable "time tag", a sort of bookmark to find them in a simpler way. The recordings and the accompanying notes can be synchronized via iCloud, organized in notebooks and searched quickly, with the help of time labels. The free Noted plan has basic functionality and allows you to save up to five recordings, with premium plans that remove this limit and add features such as noise reduction and PDF export notes. One of the best free apps around, particularly suited to creatives, to those who do not want to miss an idea. One of useful apps for real.

Google Photos

best free google photo app

The best free apps: Google Photos

Google Photos an excellent option that is worth considering for the smartphone, even if an Apple iPhone, in particular for theunlimited photo storage. Users can store an unlimited number of high quality photos in their Google account and up to 15 GB with original resolution in their Google Drive space. Google Photos also offers an assistant to create smart albums and basic photo editing tools. Furthermore, Google Photos has an intelligent search tool to find objects, places and photos of events in its image collections. Precisely for artificial intelligence tools, as well as for unlimited space, Google Photos is one of the best free apps available and one of the useful applications that cannot be missing from your smartphone.


best free Slack app

The best free apps: Slack

Slack starts with instant messaging to take another step forward and create a tool messaging and group coordination and work very helpful. Slack responds to the needs of instant messaging with real-time messages synchronized on all devices. It also supports file sharing and group tools. In addition, the app features a chat channel system, which allows you to quickly set up subgroups for discussions focused on specific activities or particular topics. Slack stores all communications, allowing you to search through old messages, channels and files you have shared in the past. The app includes integration with a variety of services such as cloud, Asana, Zendesk and more. Premium plans offer more features, such as increased file storage and better app integration. one of the best free apps for work and a useful application in many contexts in which we need to collaborate, overcoming the limits of emails.


best free IFTTT app

The best free apps: IFTTT

IFTTT one of the best free app available, a really useful app in many situations because it can do more or less everything. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time with repetitive digital tasks or if you just want to automate a number of features on your phone, you need to try IFTTT. The app allows users to create personalized "applets" or activities built around the structure "If this happens, then do that" (from which the app takes its name which means If this than that). For example, you could automatically receive recent results from your favorite team whenever the Journal publishes them, or when I publish a photo on Instagram, send me a copy via email, etc. IFTTT uses a wide range of triggers and actions ranging from websites and apps to other devices and devices. You can also browse trends and recipes featured by other people. There are many applications and it also connects to wearable devices.

Snapseed one of best free photo editing apps, for GoogleGoogle Snapseed a complete suite of tools has been acquired that includes a set of filters and transformation options. You can rotate, crop and optimize the color of an image, but you can also add vignetting or text and even use the correction tool to remove unwanted parts of an image. Snapseed works with JPG and RAW files and can convert the first into the latter for export. A complete, professional and free app! Snapseed AndroidSnapseed iOS


best free Evernote apps

The best free apps: Evernote

Whether you are attending a meeting, a course or maybe you get a sudden and brilliant idea that you need to write down, you can use Evernote, one of the best note-making apps on multiple platforms. You can annotate notes or images and synchronize them immediately on all devices. You can use the app to share meeting notes by e-mail or directly send them to a printer; you can also upload your notes to Twitter or Facebook. The support of the tags and the ordering of the notebooks simplify the management of the notes that after a while become many. The app is fully functional in its free version, but for those who do not want limits or the fee.


best free SoundHound app

The best free apps: SoundHound

Not knowing the title of that song you're listening to at the bar now a thing outdated, just take out your smartphone, launch SoundHound and hold down the key with the big S to find the title of the song, or just sing a few notes to get the title , the artist and even the texts. An integrated voice assistant also lets you say "OK, Hound" to identify songs, learn new releases or play a song.


Best free Buffer app

Best free apps: Buffer

We must not say everything at once. Buffer one of the mBest free app to manage content of their social networks, especially the time in which to post on social media. Sometimes we have posts, images, articles that we don't want to publish immediately, not even to crowd the timeline too much, Buffer allows you to schedule the publication, setting a specific time, or by first defining a series of times in which to publish on each supported social, Application will publish pending content, in the buffer precisely, at the set deadlines.

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