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The best fitness apps for Apple Watch

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch:

The Apple smart watch can monitor heart rate, count steps and calories burned, record physical activity, from yoga to swimming, remember to take breaks from work and much more: with some dedicated and the watch becomes even more adept in improve the general health problem.

The best Apple Watch fitness apps can do a lot of things. In addition to marking time and showing notifications, the Apple Watch works primarily as an indicator of health and fitness. The Series 4 device can monitor heart rate, count steps and calories burned, record physical activity, from yoga to swimming, remember to take breaks from work and more. But not all here: just add a few dedicated apps and the watch becomes even more adept at improving the general health problem. Here are some of the best fitness app for Apple Watch.

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch:

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch


Strava is already one of the most popular fitness apps for running lovers and cyclists, thanks to the effective detection of the activities. Its Apple Watch companion program adds the convenience of recording movements from the wrist, so that athletes can leave their phones at home.

When you wear your Apple Watch, the Strava app can record workouts from start to finish, displaying your statistics on the screen: time, pace, distance, speed and heart rate. At the end of the activity, the device will show a summary of the session and synchronize this information on the phone as soon as it gets close to the clock. Strava can monitor eight different types of activities, from the morning run to the afternoon bike ride, hiking and skiing.

You do not need to purchase a premium subscription to take advantage of the Apple Watch feature, however, if you choose to upgrade, you will receive additional analysis and additional features to help you set goals.

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: strava

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Strava


If you are trying to eat better, a food diary can help you monitor your calorie intake. Are you looking for a digital version of this tool? Lifesum allows you to keep track of meals and drinks from your phone and your wrist.

The app for Apple Watch that accompanies this diet and nutrition program one of the most complete we've seen for wearable devices: you can view detailed readings of carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake for the day; scroll back past meals; and record the intake of water without unlocking the phone. In fact, the app is so impressive that Apple has included its demo during the launch of the Apple Watch Serie 4.

Lifesum offers most of its features for free, however, if you choose the monthly subscription, you will receive additional nutritional advice and personalized dietary recommendations for you and your dietary goals.

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: lifesum

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch_ Lifesum


Streaks defines itself as a to-do list that helps you maintain good habits. In other words, choose something you want to do regularly, such as sweating a certain number of push-ups, drinking eight glasses of water, and so on, and this fitness app will make sure you remember to do your homework day after day . You can specify 12 different tasks to track, then customize each of these goals with colors and icons, which encourage you to stay on the right track. For more reasons, the app provides statistics showing how your willpower lasts over time.

The Apple Watch companion app lets you record habits or view trends from your wrist. The app developers also offer a special Streaks dial that clearly shows the daily activities that you still need to accomplish from those on your list. Although this app is not free, you only need to pay one-off fee instead of having to pay a monthly or annual subscription to get it.

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: streaks

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Streaks


The female cycle trackers are not perfect, but they provide a convenient way to monitor your cycle. In addition to its main function, Clue updates on health news and analyzes data to identify trends and potential health problems; in addition, it synchronizes between the phone and the smartwatch.

From your Apple Watch, you will be able to see the data you have already recorded and see forecasts about when the cycle could start. Not only Clue smart, also easy to use, both from phone and watch.

All of these benefits are free, but the premium version of Clue comes with additional smart predictions, including when premenstrual syndrome, cramps and other habitual patterns may occur.

fitness app: clue

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Clue


If you wear your Apple Watch in the gym, a complete fitness app like Gymaholic will help you respect your schedule. It allows you to plan sessions in advance, helping you determine which muscles you should work harder and how much you want to push, so it prompts you with reminders to make sure you stay on track. Where for the app really excels in small guided demonstrations for each exercise of its catalogs.

With the complementary Apple Watch app you can leave your phone at home. Look at the screen to see how to perform a certain activity, viewed from any angle, and when you are comfortable with an exercise, switch to the set of repetitions, recording your progress on the clock as you go.

You can test Gymaholic for free, at least for a week, then modest monthly costs are provided.

fitness app: gymaholic

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Gymaholic

Nike + Run Club

Avid runners, whether or not they have one of the Apple Watch Nike edition models, should upload the Nike + Run Club app to their watches. As expected, it keeps track of the races, providing detailed maps and statistics for each session. This fitness app, though, goes much further: for example, it gives you the chance to listen to audio messages that help you keep up with your pace and you can even make friends record these encouragement for you. As the app learns your habits, you will also see your progress over time and receive personalized coaching plans tailored to your pace and your goals.

What we like about Apple Watch support is that you get pretty much the same set of features as the main app, including coaching sessions and mapping features, right on your wrist. At the same time, the design makes everything clear and simple so that you can view the information you need at a glance while on the move. Moreover, and not a little, the free app.

fitness app: nike + run

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Nik + Run


If Lifesum does not fully satisfy you, try another digital food diary: MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular diet apps on any platform, but integration with Apple Watch is particularly good. Like the phone version, it allows you to record food and water intake as quickly and intuitively as possible.

Using your phone or wearable device, MyFitnessPal lets you see how many calories you have taken and compares the total with those burned during the exercise. The app can also differentiate the intake of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and so on. A quick look at your wrist can therefore give you a detailed view of your diet for the day.

Thanks to its popularity, MyFitnessPal comes with a series of third-party apps and services that can connect to it, including the Apple Health app and the Endomondo fitness platform, however, some of these additions, as well as features such as 'detailed analysis of food products and export of data, require a premium subscription which you pay on a monthly basis.

fitness app: myfitnesspal

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: My FitnessPal

Pocket Yoga

The Pocket Yoga app includes everything you may need to do your own asana exercises. It allows you to improve your movements with audio and video instructions, keep an up-to-date record of completed practices and check progress with calorie data and heart rate data extracted from the Apple Health app. In total, you can choose from 27 different sessions in duration and difficulty.

When you download the app for Apple Watch, you get all this on your wrist and it eliminates the need to carefully balance the phone on the corner of the coffee table so you can see what you should do. This app for fitness to pay, but the price rather low.

fitness app: pocket yoga

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Pocket Yoga

Swing Tennis Tracker

For tennis fans who want to see how they are doing, Swing Tennis Tracker effectively uses measurements from the Apple Watch itself, or from an attached iPhone. It keeps track of everything, from the speed of the shots to the percentage of the first services, to the number of calories burned in the field. If you are looking for someone to play with, the app also helps you find and communicate with other tennis players who use the same program.

Once again, you can check all this information on your watch and, with the help of Siri, you can also save all relevant game and training data on your smart watch. As the social app, you can connect with other Apple Watch in the field to keep track of scores. Once you get close to your smartphone again, all the information collected can be synchronized with the main app.

Although the basic version is free, you can purchase a monthly premium subscription to unlock extra features, such as paid statistics.

fitness app: Swing Tennis Tracker

Best Fitness App for Apple Watch: Swing Tennis Tracker