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The best automatic Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaners

The best automatic Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaners

There are not many products whose name is often confused to indicate an entire category: how many of you mistakenly say Scotch instead of adhesive tape or Scottex to indicate the more generic absorbent paper? Roomba one of these.

Here in the editorial office we have tried several, of robot vacuum cleaners, many models of Eufy (Anker brand), together with some Ecovacs and the like, but among our pages you can also see some evidence of the solutions of the iRobot company that, for those who do not knew, the very one that produces the Roomba series.

Precisely because the word Roomba is often understood as a category of products rather than a range of automatic vacuum cleaners, we have decided to dedicate an article to him by talking about the best ones according to your budget and needs. Because there are many Roomba vacuum cleaners and therefore it is very easy to get confused or not know which to choose and maybe make a mistake by spending too much or too little without being able to get the right cleaning you want.

How Roomba automatic vacuum cleaners work

First of all: how do Roomba vacuum cleaners work? Like others of the same class, they are designed to be as autonomous as possible: a button is pressed (or a program is set) and the device starts moving immediately by cleaning the floor through a combination of brushes which directs dirt towards the aspirator.

Most of the models in the Roomba series use optical sensors to analyze the walkable surface and move in a more or less intelligent way, while some of the cheaper or older models use a more basic detection technology. In principle, the concept that the more you spend the greater the Roomba's intelligence from the orientation point of view.

With this in mind, we point out that among the iRobot accessories that can be used with Roomba cen robots, one is called Virtual Wall Barrier, a sort of special turret to be placed in the areas that the robot must not cross.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

Roomba vacuum cleaner, models compared

It goes without saying that the best Roomba vacuum cleaner for one person is the best for another, for the simple fact that there is no absolute best since each of us has different needs and very different budgets. Among other things, in choosing a model rather than another one must also take into account the size of the house, the presence or absence of pets and the layout of the plan.

With this in mind we have selected what we think is the best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaner based on different scenarios and with the lowest price.

The best Roomba for complicated homes

If you fall into this category then all you can do is focus your attention on the S series, which currently includes the S9 and S9 + models. They are the top of the range of the brand and the only difference between one and the other lies in the presence, for the Plus model, of the dirt discharge turret (which also affects the price: 999 for the LS9 and 1499 for the LS9 +).

The vacuum cleaner of this series has an autonomy of 75 minutes and has a D-shape that allows it to reach corners with greater efficiency. When the discharged battery automatically returns to the base to restore energy and, if the 75 minutes are not enough to clean the whole floor, at the end of the recharge it will resume where it left off.

Unfortunately these two models are not yet on sale in Italy, or rather not everywhere: on Amazon at the time of writing we are not there while on the official website you can only buy the Roomba S9 + for 1,499 euros.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

The best Roomba for homes with pets

For this category of houses and apartments, the I series is the best choice and currently on sale (also on Amazon) there are i7 and i7 +, which we have also reviewed. The concept similar to that of the models we mentioned earlier: both map the house and the Plus model has a turret for emptying dirt in special bags.

The vacuum cleaner has the more traditional circular shape, therefore less effective at the corners and the lower suction power (according to the manufacturer's specifications we are at 10x while the S series has a 40x aspiration), but they are cheaper than the S series and the technologies used ensure a optimal cleaning in homes with dogs and / or cats.

In the case, as we said, you can also buy them on Amazon: thanks to the promotion currently in progress, Roomba i7 costs 799 euros while Roomba i7 + costs 999 euros.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

The best Roomba for wooden floors

According to user reviews, if the flooring on which you intend to use these robots composed mainly of parquet, you can save a little more by opting for the Roomba series 960 or 981, which compared to the previously mentioned models are more effective on these surfaces.

The extra 980 has Boost technology for carpets and 120 minutes of autonomy, while the 960 has 75 minutes of autonomy. It also has two virtual barriers, while with the 960 you will only find one.

As for prices, Roomba 960 on Amazon currently discounted at 449 euros while Roomba 981 stands at 749.99 euros.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

The best Roomba for limited budgets

Ok, but if the priority is to save? Then in this case the best compromise of the Roomba range the E series or the 600 series.

At the moment, the cheapest ones on Amazon are the e5154 and 605 models. Neither of them has a mapping system, so they move randomly and lack special skills such as the reload and resume function.

Between the two the slightly better e5154 as it comes with brushless rollers and a virtual barrier, which the 605 does not have. Clearly the different price: at the moment on Amazon Roomba e5154 costs 349.99 euros while Roomba 605 costs 199.99 euros.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

Special Roomba: the Braava Jet series

Ok, we talked about vacuum cleaners, but did you know that the iRobot company is making a name for itself among the automatic floor washers too? And indeed among the very few to offer a valid and effective solution with the Braava Jet series, of which at the moment the top of the range is the M6 ​​model, which on Amazon is currently discounted at 599 euros.

If you want to hang the mop on the nail together with the vertical vacuum cleaner, then give us a little thought. In fact, this device has a front water dispenser to peel the floor and a cloth on the bottom to dry and collect even the most insidious dirt.

The best automatic Roomba vacuum cleaners

Moreover, it can work in tandem with the S series and I series models we mentioned in this article, in the sense that they can be programmed to make the Braava Jet start automatically as soon as the automatic vacuum cleaner finishes sweeping the floor.

If you want to save money there are the 200 series models (such as the Braava Jet 240 which costs 179.99 euros) which lack some functions of the top of the aforementioned range or those of the 300 series (such as the Braava Jet 390T which costs about 240 euros) which for it does not have a front water spout but according to those who have tried it it cleans better than the 200 series.