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The best augmented reality apps for iPhone

augmented reality app iphone IKeqa

Here you can find already the list of the best augmented reality apps for iPhone to understand what awaits us and in which direction the ARkit technology for iPhone goes

The best augmented reality apps for iPhone have reached new levels now they are really useful iPhone apps.

Useful applications iPhone: augmented reality

The community of developers of augmented reality apps is growing fast around ARKit, the apple development kit for augmented reality and hundreds of millions of users will potentially soon be able to use augmented reality (AR) with iOS 11. Here find already the list of the best Augmented reality app for iPhone to understand what awaits us but also to understand, if you are of the trade, in which direction the development of the best Augmented reality app for iPhone is going.

Many are working on the development of new augmented reality apps, from individual programmers to large companies. Applications touch all sectors, here is an overview of what has been done and a preview of the first augmented reality apps for iPhone

The best augmented reality apps: Ikea that amazes

Ikea Place allows users to preview which Ikea furniture will appear in their homes before a purchase. The augmented reality app allows you to virtually place furniture and sofas in your home and evaluate the actual dimensions. There are 2,000 products already in the catalog, to search and select. Just click once to see them on the floor, with your fingers you can move them and place them in the chosen location. The 3D graphics faithfully reproduces the colors and textures of Ikea products.

Michael Valdsgaard, Ikea's Leader of Digital Transformation, explained that it took about 7 weeks for the project to start, coinciding with Apple's announcement of ARKit.

For the moment, the app is only available on iOS.

augmented reality app iphone IKeqa

Food Network In The Kitchen: the augmented reality app to decorate desserts

It allows you to virtually decorate desserts, cakes and cupcakes and access recipes. Lapp offers a series of options to decorate a cupcake, with animations and creative possibilities. This app uses AR in a playful way, offering something fun. Although in the food world, AR could offer useful and functional experiences and opportunities, as demonstrated – for example, KabaQ.

Useful iPhone applications: GIPHY World

It allows you to place gifs in 3D space, share videos and the 3D scene in AR with friends who have the app, who can edit it and share it in turn. many people can collaborate in the same space, in a perspective of AR social experience!

The gifs are copied into space, in the desired position. Each scene has a URL that can be shared. The result of the interaction of several people can create surprising results. The free app, Giphy has partners that will provide some content.

Useful applications iPhone, Arise: the game actually increased

A game developed by Climax Studios in which the characters move in a 3D world made of ruins and more levels. The controls are not on the screen, you have to physically tilt the iPhone to give it commands. The highly mobile experience, it is necessary to move and interact with the surrounding environment.

augmented reality app Arise

The Very Hungry Caterpillar AR

An app that translates a popular children's book into an augmented reality experience. The children can create a virtual caterpillar, feeding it into a butterfly. Developed by Touch Press, a simple app, suited to the target you are targeting. Opens the doors to storytelling via AR, where every surface can become a book and tell a story.

augmented reality app

Augmented reality app: the Walking Dead arrives

A game that brings wandering zombies into real life, to be defeated with different weapons. High-resolution zombies move from multiple angles and force the player to move and rotate in space. Every single scene. Developed by AMC and Next Games this game also offers additional features, such as being able to stand next to the characters and take a selfie with them.

These apps are based on the scanning capacity which allows those who use ARKit to point their smartphone at surfaces and, in a few seconds, move objects and create virtual experiences. Users will have to get used to doing these movements. Most augmented reality apps use perspective-based controls, there are no buttons or controls on the screen. Only the app for children has implemented a control methodology based on pointing an object, focusing on something. In general, most need a few clicks to do everything.

interesting to note how i development times were short, around 7-10 weeks. We expect that in the coming months, numerous and innovative virtual experiences will be created for iOS11 thanks to ARKit.