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The best apps to learn to play an instrument

The best apps to learn to play an instrument

Piano, guitar, drums … If you have time, you are spoiled for choice

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It's not going to be romantic Piano lessons of the movie of the same name Jane Champion 3 Oscar winner. But in times of lockdowntablets and smartphones can replace a music teacher and teach us to play an instrument, waiting for better times (and teachers). The secret, as always when it comes to smartphone-learning, kept in unapp We have chosen 6 of them, for all tastes and tools. And to the delight of the neighbors, of course.

1. Note trainer (freemium for Android) Those who start from scratch will find it very useful: this app teaches you to read the scores and to recognize all the notes and musical times. Behind there is the wisdom of North American Music Teachers Association, who wanted to acquire a musical literacy tool based on a gradual increase in learning difficulty. The friendly interface helps in the path.

2. GarageBand (freemiun for iOs) Installed as standard on Apple computers and also available on the App Store, one of the best apps for those approaching the study of music: it allows you to play any instrument through an intuitive graphic interface in the best Apple tradition. A vast catalog to try out for the joy of the neighbors: Keyboard, Percussion, Amplifier, Strings, Bass, Guitar, Ethnic, Drummer

3. CoachGuitar (freemium for iOs and Android) There are quite a lot of apps for learning to play the guitar, even more titled than this one designed for beginners who can't even read the scores. The teaching method, Simplified, is based on the 5 colors and the backing tracks for different skill levels are included. In addition, easy-to-follow videos and animations help us memorize the correct position of the fingers. It will not be enough to emulate Jimi Hendrix, but as a start it is more than good.

4. Drum guru (freemium for iOs and Android) Your relatives, forced into the house by the lockdown, may not appreciate, but you do not care: if you have always wanted to learn to play the drums, time to do it with this app available for smartphones and tablets, which offers videos – lessons taught by famous drummers the likes of Stave Gadd, Mike Portnoy by Dream Theater e Steve Smith. Not only for beginners, but also for experienced musicians, given the parterre of masters. There is also the Bass Guru version for those who want to try their hand at the bass instead. Like a Rolling Stone.

5. Simply Piano (freemium for iOs and Android) Again it was difficult to choose: there are apps galore to learn to play the piano. But this one has its own more than 11 thousand reviews on the app store it is also a method suitable for absolute beginners, since it allows us to start from our skill level and then learn to play some famous pieces and amaze the neighbors during condominium concerts.

6. Yousician (freemium for iOs and Android) Last but not least, in the smartphone of any musician, this app, developed by music experts, to distribute the rudiments of guitar, piano, bass or ukulele. The teaching method makes it one of the best in its category: Yousician basically listens to us play an instrument or sing and provides immediate feedback. There is no shortage of videos and exercises, alternated with games and missions that can make it more fun. There is also the possibility of challenge other users once a week. Other than Sanremo.


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