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The best Android apps for summer 2017

The best Android apps for summer 2017

Are you ready to go on vacation? You absolutely cannot forget your faithful smartphone, by now inseparable companion of adventures and travels! Before you leave for good check the park app and see if they are present all the best Android apps for the trip, so as to fully enjoy every aspect of the holiday. Save this guide on your smartphone: it could be very useful!

Best Android apps for the summer


You can't move out of town without knowing what the weather will be like from a few hours. To be on the safe side you can use the weather app managed by the Air Force, available for free at the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Weather Aeronauticsbest Android app 6

If you need to travel abroad or look for another type of weather forecast app you can refer to the guide available below; you will surely find the app that is right for you.

LINK |The best weather apps for Android


Afraid to stay dry when in the car? Always find the distributor nearest you using the appPetrol Prices – LPG and CNG, one of the best available for free.

DOWNLOAD |Petrol Prices – LPG and CNGbest Android app 5

With this app you will be able to see in real time the prices of all the distributors present nearby, complete with a map and a built-in navigator. If your car is powered by LPG or natural gas, find distributors that supply these nearby vital fuel. If instead your petrol or diesel car you can find the distributor that boasts the best price in the area, so you can do a few more kilometers.

Other useful apps to evaluate fuel costs can be found in the following list:

Maps and navigators

Are you afraid of losing yourself during the trip? Have you taken a dead end street? You can avoid losing yourself by using a good GPS navigator for your Android smartphone. If you want to get real-time information and accurate maps I suggest you use the app Waze, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Wazebest Android app 4

Real-time traffic, slowdowns, speed cameras and police checkpoints will be signaled to you on the screen before any other apps, allowing you to avoid traffic and travel faster.

If you don't like Waze you can use another free browser among those listed in this guide.

LINK |Free navigator for Android: complete guide

Hotel and B&B

Looking for a place to sleep for one or more nights? Instead of spending so much on a rented room at the last minute, you can rely on an app like, one of the best Android apps to find hotel rooms, apartments or B & Bs on the fly.

DOWNLOAD |Booking.combest Android 3 apps

Choose how much you want to spend, the features you are looking for in the room and the duration of the stay, the rest will take care of the app with a constantly updated database of hotels, apartments for rent and quality B & Bs, all you have to do is reach the destination (maps of the area are also included).

Valid alternatives are available in the following list:

Trains and planes

If you don't want to travel with your car, you have to bet on the best Android apps for trains and airplanes, so you always know which way to go to get around on vacation.

For the trains I can only recommend the appTrain timetable, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Train timetablebest Android app 2

With this app you can search for any train (Trenitalia, Italo and local companies) and know timetables, possible delays, arrival or departure tracks and any cancellations or strikes. The app also allows you to purchase the ticket online, so as to avoid queues and queues at the station.

If, on the other hand, you like traveling by plane you can rely on the app Skyscanner, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Skyscannerbest Android apps 1

Skyscanner allows you to compare flights of all airlines for a destination, find the cheapest flight for your needs and book your flight online immediately. Also excellent is the possibility of receiving notifications whenever the price of the flight you have searched changes, so as to seize the opportunity as soon as the price goes down.


Do you want to travel by bus? The best service available at the moment Flixbus, with the app downloadable for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Flixbusbest Android app

With this app you can book one of the many Flixbus trips by paying the ticket online and presenting yourself at the predetermined stops. There are really many routes, difficult not to find a bus to travel. Flixbus coaches are recognizable by their green livery and written in plain sight and offer (in most cases) free WiFi on board and scheduled stops for longer journeys.