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The author of iMussolini proposes iHitler, but Apple rejects it

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Luigi Marino had tried again, but this time Apple said "no". The author of iMussolini, the application that many controversies had aroused in recent days, found the door closed, hermetically closed according to what Marino himself says on his Blog, when he tried to present iHitler.

β€œIt was a project that I had also kept hidden from you users. – Marino says in a comment on the Internet – but today I received communication from Apple that the application will not be accepted, not for the contents but because it had the German dictator as its subject ". Apple would not have felt right, refusing to also consider the possibility of modifying some content against the publication concession.

If Marino seems not to understand the dry no on his blog (both by email and by telephone) because the application, as we read, would not have had an apologetic end to Nazism but to denounce the ideology that led to the holocaust , elsewhere, for example in the comments of iPhone Italia, instead claims to have operated provocatively "to see how Apple would have behaved and consequently the users". According to Marino Apple, he would "bow to protests from users and associations who, without even looking at iMussolini, have announced the dangers of the birth of the fascist party and other absurd things for me. Vista iHitler Apple therefore decided to avoid further problems by avoiding approval. Everyone does his own policy … but surely they are not those of the think different … ".

In the absence of the program, it is difficult to say who between Apple and Marino is right, if the Apple really sinned by excessive prudence or if the way the contents had been proposed would have been ambiguous or in any case too problematic. There are only a few images of iHitler in circulation (which he would have pronounced as "aihitler, rather close to the sound of the Nazi salute): a boot screen with an image of the Fhrer depicted in civilian clothes and three quarters, and a series of pages, in strictly black, white and gray graphics, which show four sections, one dedicated to biography, one to speeches and ideas, one to chronology and one to the holocaust.

Recall that Marino had a great success with iMussolini reaching the first place of the sales ranking on the Italian Apple Store. Many controversies broke out around the program, including those of some of the associations of victims of extermination, but Apple has not removed the program. instead, it was the Istituto Luce that claimed the rights to some videos of the application, to determine the withdrawal of iMussolini. The App then returned online after a few days without part of the documents on video, but once again Istituto Luce asked for and obtained the withdrawal of the program and the removal of practically all the contents filmed before allowing it to be published for the third time.

Note that between the application dedicated to Mussolini and the one that should have, according to the developer, start from a biography of the head of the Third Reich to denounce the horrors of the Holocaust, Marino released iGhandi ("The great spiritual guide of India finally on iPhone ") and iSilvio (" Finally on your mobile device an application dedicated to our Premier, to the Premier of the Italians, to the great Silvio Berlusconi! "). It is impossible not to notice that if the provocation had failed and Apple had approved iHitler, a curious "biographic sandwich" would have been created that, probably, someone would have remained indigestible.