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The Arlo Baby camera now has 5 news on Homekit and works with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

La telecamera Arlo Baby ora ha 5 novità su Homekit e funziona con Siri, Alexa e Assistente Google

If we had included Arlo Baby in the list of Homekit cameras in the past few months it was for the ability to show his video footage within the Home and compatible applications but for the other numerous functions we had recommended users to use the original application for iOS (and Android)

With the new firmware released on December 5, Arlo Baby becomes for one of the most powerful multi-sensor accessories for the Homekit universe, exhibiting its capabilities on Homekit.

With firmware version 1.8.22781 Arlo Baby Camera now make 5 new buttons appear on the Home application of your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Watch:

  • Air quality
  • humidity
  • Movement
  • Temperature
  • Night light

At the moment it is not possible to activate Homekit the small internal speaker for the playback of mp3 music, lullabies etc but obviously it is possible to use the audio in both directions to listen to the baby's possible crying and communicate with him remotely.

The Arlo Baby camera now has 5 news on Homekit and works with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

The complete features are available through the iOS application but now you can check, also through Siri, the switching on, color and intensity of the light on board, check movements, and detect the characteristics of the room avoiding buying a dedicated accessory that normally has a cost of 80- 100 Euros.

With the automatic Over The Air firmware update and the camera already registered on Homekit, the new features will automatically appear in the "Home" information.

For those with an Arlo Baby Camera multistandard home automation system, one of the most interesting products as it also works with Alexa, showing the footage on Echo Spot and with Google Assistant showing the footage on TV equipped with Chrome.

The filming of the Arlo Baby can also be shown on Apple TV through the dedicated Arlo application or the other camera viewing apps on the Apple system.

To know all Homekit cameras on the market today with the relative characteristics, we refer you to our guide on

Arlo Baby on sale right now at 267 Euros on Amazon.It can also be purchased on the Apple Online Store and in Apple stores for 219 Euros.