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The Arlo Audio DoorBell smart home doorbell arrives with Arlo Chime: here are the prices

Arrivano il campanelli smart home Arlo Audio DoorBell e Arlo A Chime: ecco i prezzi

Arlo, the leading brand in the field of wireless connected cameras, today announced the availability and prices of the new ones Arlo Audio Doorbell is Arlo Chime.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime can be combined with Arlo wireless cameras or Arlo Lights (see our product guide here) for a more complete view of the front door or as a stand-alone solution: through the free Arlo app , users can connect to Arlo Audio Doorbell to communicate with their visitors directly from their smartphone or tablet.

When paired with an Arlo wireless camera, users can also use the Arlo Smart subscription plan, which ensures the detection of people inside the home. The Arlo Audio Doorbell solution with the Arlo Chime accessory are now available at Arlo retailers such as Media World, Unieuro, Euronics, Amazon, respectively at the price of 89.99 Euros and 59.99 .

How Arlo Audio Doorbell and Audio Chime work

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime allow to obtain a two-way communication, remotely and continuously, which passes through your smartphone and which ensures that the home owner, while traveling, in the office or simply in the backyard, communicates with people own home.

Arlo Audio Doorbell connects with the Arlo wireless camera setup, allowing users to create their own home security system for added peace of mind.

Users can communicate directly with visitors through their mobile phone, or they can reply with a pre-recorded message when they cannot speak.

Arlo Audio Doorbell weatherproof and works with two standard AA batteries, ensuring a life of up to one year. For greater ease and versatility, users can also connect their existing digital and traditional doorbells, without the need to install any additional hardware or connections.

Arlo Chime

The Arlo Audio DoorBell and Arlo A Chime smart home doorbells are coming: here are the prices

The brand new accessory Arlo Chime joins Arlo Audio Doorbell to complete the smart home entrance experience. Connected to any standard power outlet, Arlo Chime works with Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo wireless cameras to broadcast instant alerts in any room you connect to, even if users aren't close to your phone.

Thanks to the volume control and the melody options, which can be adjusted via the free Arlo app, Arlo Chime can produce an acoustic alarm on 80+ decibels. Silent Mode can also be activated to deactivate alarms and interference, perfect for when children sleep or in moments of tranquility.

For more information, visit the Arlo website or the Amazon page dedicated to new products