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The Apple Watch fall detection goes crazy in a Late Late Show episode

Il rilevamento delle cadute di Apple Watch impazzisce durante una puntata del Late Late Show

One of the features that we have often talked about in the pages of Macitynet is that related to the detection of falls, introduced with Apple Watch 4, which in many circumstances was found to be particularly useful for unfortunate, indeed lucky, users who wore it. Exhilarating, however, for the curtain that was created during an episode of the Late Late Show. The video shows how too many laughs could make the function go crazy.

As the video shows, around the 6th and 10th minute mark, during a recording of James Late's Late Late Show, an audience member seems to be particularly amused by the conductor's questions. The result is even more exhilarating: Apple Watch reveals a false fall, and begins operations for emergency calls. In fact, in addition to the big laughs, the lady gets up to respond to the conductor, and takes a snap in the audience. Probably this to have triggered the fall detection.

Even the sudden movement of the arm that the lady performs in the audience may have been the triggering cause, perhaps combined with a high heart rate due to the excitement of being on TV or answering the question correctly. The sequence with the Apple Watch protagonist is about 5 minutes and 30 seconds long in the video we report in this article.

Apple Watch's fall detection goes crazy during a Late Late Show episode

However, this time it was, fortunately for everyone, a false alarm, which generated only a few more laughs. Different speech, instead, for those who have really experienced the usefulness of this function.