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The appearance of the iPhone 3G in two system icons?

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After the speculations on the cases from today, specialists who try to read the future, have another element to think about to guess the appearance of the iPhone: two icons appeared one in the SDK released yesterday and one in Mac Os X.

The first sighting occurred yesterday in the MacRumors discussion forums by someone who 'took apart the latest version (the sixth) of the iPhone firmware Beta. The phone represented in the icon is slightly longer than the current model and also a little narrower.

The second icon in the Mac OS X 10.5.3 update, the substantial system update available for download in a few hours. In a sub-folder of the operating system, the same icon has been identified which represents a longer, slightly less wide iPhone and very, very similar, at least in the front, to the classic iPhone for over a year on the market in the USA.

All Mac users who have updated the operating system to version 10.5.3 can personally observe the icon that is heating the debates on the Internet, the path the following: /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/iPhone icns.

After finding the close similarity of the new alleged iPhone with the current model, the first observation due that the image contained in both the SDK and Mac OS is very similar to some photographs that portray instead a "real" device, these also in circulation a couple of days on the net: to see them, refer to this page of the MacRumors forums. While raising more than one doubt about the originality and reliability of these shots, it is worth noting that despite an identical exterior appearance on the front, the back of the new iPhones could change significantly compared to current versions. In this plethora of previews that claim to be true, a finding by the research company Piper Jaffray that provides an iPhone 3G very similar to the current one is reliable.

Inserting the images into system icons necessary to display the devices connected to the Mac: Apple inserting an icon of the new iPhone 3G in the SDK and in Mac Os has in fact prepared the systems to manage the connection with the iPhone, also as regards the look and feel. If the two icons really represent the new iPhone, we would be faced with an error by Cupertino, which in fact provides a detail craved by world curiosity, which instead should have been revealed only by Steve Jobs on the day of the presentation. Considering the levels of secrecy and the strict policies for the release of information and news by Cupertino at first glance it would be said to be unlikely to be a deliberate move. Basically, to prepare the Macs and provide the icon that truly represents the new model of the iPhone, simply enter this information in an update released for download when the new smartphone is available.

If this is not an error, then one last, remote possibility remains: Cupertino would have deliberately inserted two "fake" images of the new iPhone to mislead the most curious. One certainty: the final answer is a few days away.