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The app that puts your face in the most famous memes

The app that puts your face in the most famous memes

It's called Familiar and takes advantage of deepfake and machine learning technologies

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<p>There is a new application in great growth in the download charts for Android and iOs, its name  <strong>Familiar</strong> and offers a very interesting function: thanks to the technologies of <strong>machine learning and deepfake</strong> it can extrapolate the facial features and mount them on those of the protagonists<strong> of the most famous memes</strong>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Familiar works in a very simple way. You download for free for your operating system, provides one completely optional registration (we do not recommend it, see last paragraph) and it is immediately operational. The first step is to take a neutral photo, possibly well lit and with a light background. If desired, you can also choose an image already saved in the photo gallery.

The second step is to choose one of the many proposals (drawn from the immense catalog of Giphy) divided by category between trends, reactions, wtf, thumbs up, yes, no and so on. You choose a meme, match your face and the system does the rest. It goes without saying that the longer the gif the longer it will take, but in general just wait from about 10 to maximum 30-40 seconds.

You can then decide to save the personalized meme as a gif or as a video (mp4) or share it immediately (or delete it). The result depends a lot on the quality of the face photo and the meme chosen because on those with animals or cartoons almost always fail. Often the outcome is more than acceptable (as for the gifs of The Office), at other times it generates small disturbing monsters (as for the famous child of the meme "Good job" in front of an old PC).

Generally a light, easy to use and fun software. But there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Above all, the fact that these types of apps have often been criticized because, in fact, acquire an image of the user's face as for FaceApp. It is therefore better to think carefully before saving your selfie. It is highly advisable not to register for the service, which you can very well use anonymously, net of some non-invasive advertising and not annoying watermarks.

Here are the download links for Android and iOs.


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