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The app that helps you not to go too far from home

The app that helps you not to go too far from home

It's called 200 meters and it helps you to follow good habits in these emergency days

Photo: App Store – 200 meters

In view of the containment measures provided for by the recently introduced regulations and although the main invitation is always to to stay at home, there was no lack of digital solutions to better face these days and among these there is an app developed by 2Specials.

Is called200 metersand is proposed as a useful solution for keeping track of distance from your home consistently, offering support to comply with the ordinances provided and avoid penalties.

Equipped with a very simple and intuitive interface, the main screen highlights what are i advice and good habits that each of us should follow during this emergency period. Obviously, to function properly, the app necessarily requires the activation of thelocation smartphone: only in this way, it will be able to take note of the starting position and show us – in meters – how far we are from home.

To use it very simple, in fact, just tapon the fingerprint icon that appears on the main screen: one at the time of departure, the other at the end of the walk to disable tracking.

Photo: App Store – 200 meters

During the journey the distance from the starting point will be shown in real time accompanied by some messages like “Buy only the bare essentials", invitations to donate to hospitals, and other helpful tips. Upon exceeding the permitted limit or near the 200-meter threshold, a warning will invite us to go back.

The app available for free for iOS and Android devices.


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