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The agreement with Apple is good for Softbank

The agreement with Apple is good for Softbank logomacitynet1200wide 1

The agreement with Apple is good for Softbank. The third Japanese mobile operator on the first useful day of trading on the stock exchange after the announcement of the signing of the contract to bring iPhone to the Asian country has indeed gained considerably on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, increasing the value of 4.6%, this while its main competitors lost ground (-1.3% Ntt DoCoMo, -2.7% KDDI) and this on a bad day for the Nikkei, the local market equity index.

The purchases on the Softbank title confirm that investors see the sale of the iPhone as a good deal, capable of prolonging a race that has quickly led Softbank from being a player who is unable to worry his opponents about the role of serious DoCoMo contender. and KDDI. According to analysts, the arrival of iPhone in the offer of the Masayoshi Son company could in fact make up for the now ended push of the downward price war used by Softbank to conquer a market niche and succeed where Vodafone had failed, from which it purchased the business in 2006.

During the day yesterday, some observers had questioned whether iPhone could have a grip on the local market, given the difference in terms of technology and functionality that Japanese mobile phones have compared to Western and American ones. As known, the Rising Sun market accustomed to creating its own standards and methods of use, with a strong interaction between carriers and hardware manufacturers to the point that the majority of phones are created for that specific market. But a day after the announcement of the Japanese landing, most analysts now agree that the image of Apple, very popular in Japan, and iPod will boost iPhone sales and Softbank subscriptions. Paying first could be KDDI, which has a popular 'over the air' music sales service, a feature that could land with the release of Firmware 2.0.

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