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The 10 best Intercom alternatives that you can use

The 10 best Intercom alternatives that you can use

The intercom is one of the best live messaging platforms on the internet right now. Not only does it allow you to chat with your customers in real time, but it also offers you marketing tools to track user interaction and close a purchase. However, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives to because of its expensive nature, which is defined on the basis of total user conversations. There is also the lack of any generous free subscription level that could provide access to some basic functionality before being ready to fully engage in the chat platform. So, not affordable enough for those who are just embarking on a new business trip with plans to interact with customers to drive sales. So, if you are looking for Intercom alternatives, here are 10 powerful and cheap alternatives to that could prove useful for the growth of your business:

Cheap alternatives and better


Our first recommendation is a completely free live messaging platform, for those who have searched for the cheaper alternative on Intercom . allows you to embed a chat widget on your website or app, but it doesn't have the elegant user interface and marketing automation tools that can help you drive sales.

The main objective of is to provide brands with the multitude of features found in common live messaging platforms for free. This means that you can customize the chat widget, converse via mobile device (also using predefined shortcuts), analyze visitors in real time and activate actions to interact proactively with them.

You may think there must be a problem because whoever provides you with such a complex platform for free. Well, there is nothing – no limit on the number of visitors, agents or even on the placement of ads . However, Tawk offers customization options that allow you to remove the Tawk brand, add video + voice calls and more. You can also hire agents from $ 1 / hour on your wall. Not the tool you were looking for?

Visit the website (free plan, paid plan starting at $ 9) Platforms: Web, Android and iOS


Although Intercom may have lit the flame for immediate customer satisfaction, Crisp is developing features that further improve the support experience. The platform LiveChat the company a simple and intuitive alternative to Intercom with features such as multimedia messaging (audio / video messages, fragments of links, GIFs and attachments), chat transfer to social platforms and even a chat game.

Crash Dashboard

Crisp takes command of its competitors by offering you a free tier that provides access to the necessary features, blocking analysis and some additional elements. You are asked to shell out $ 25 to the month to support a team of 4 agents, unlimited chat history, automatic triggers, user location map and integrations like Facebook Messenger.

And not all. You can further increase your sales opportunities by selecting the enrollment level Unlimited $ 95 . Unlock features such as real-time video calling and Magic Browse, which allow agents to track a customer's actions. Agents can also temporarily access their customer's screen to help them complete their purchase using the feature Assistant from I live .

Visit the website (free plan, paid plans start at $ 25 / month per team of 4 agents) Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Slack Plugin

3. Freshchat

The latest addition to the FreshWorks arsenal of the CRM service provider, Freshchat, now plans to use Intercom with its platform proactive messaging is sale . They offer a minimalist and clean experience with unlimited contacts, ten agents, 30-day chat history and other free basic features.

Freshchat offers you 30 days to take the complete messaging solution for a ride before you are willing to pay the same. This means that you will not only have access to the family messaging experience but also to additional user engagement tools. then you can access user properties, analyze data and start in-app or email campaigns to get a higher score on the customer satisfaction meter. The back-end user interface of the service was also designed in a fairly complex way.

This shows that Freshchat has taken cues and built on the ideologies of the leader of this already crowded segment. Although it lacks many features due to its recent debut, the company will update them in future releases. A mobile app for Android is also missing at the moment, but FreshWorks' platforms are known to mature quickly enough.

Visit the website (free plan, paid plans start at $ 15 / agent per month) Platforms: Web, iOS and Android (coming soon)

4. HelpCrunch

To compete with an established giant, HelpCrunch has also adopted the omni-channel common , unlimited contacts and the functionality chat for a fixed price . It offers an elegant, fast and interactive chat widget user interface similar to Intercom.

HelpCrunch supports multi-channel messaging and brings together all the messages of a single user under one roof: be it email, chat widget or social media. This is possible because the platform automatically collects all the personal or behavioral data of customers, together with the chat history up to the date, to provide a useful overview of them. then you can follow up their questions with email or instant solutions.

The only drawback of HelpCrunch is its limitation of adding the chat widget to an agent platform. It means that you will need to add multiple agent accounts to make this messaging service reach a wider audience via your web platform, Android or iOS. It offers customers 14-day trials (without credit card details) to try the whole experience before asking to pay $ 12 / agent per month for the live chat feature e $ 25 / agent per month to also include email automation in the mix.

Visit the website (14-day free trial, paid plans start at $ 12 / agent per month) Platforms: Web


Although not available for free, (and LiveChat, a fork of this platform) is a smarter and cheaper alternative for Intercom users. It includes most of the features already available within Intercom, but surpasses it with spikes of messages, agent ratings, chat routing is integrations for the chat widget. not only suitable for beginners who want to use a customizable and ready-to-use chat widget, but also suitable for developers who want to make changes according to their needs. The platform provides API to allow developers to tinker and build functionality in top of the current offer.

available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, which is definitely an advantage, but the platform lacks analysis or support for the customer data management . You can try this minimalist chat widget for 14 days, followed by a modest commission of $ 10 / agent per month .

Visit the website (14-day free trial, paid plans start at $ 10 / account per month) Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android

6. LiveAgent

If you have been looking for a CRM service with advanced features, you should stop what you are doing and pay immediately. LiveAgent not only offers live chat functionality, but also includes the ticket management, social messages and customer support (telephone call functionality) in a single integrated platform. You may need to add an account or phone number required to activate some of these features.

It also works slightly differently than Intercom, where you don't simply take a message in the air and wait for a response from the support staff. The LiveAgent chat widget first searches for and then connects you to a live representative to start a two-way conversation. There are times when you are in a queue until one of the representatives becomes available to answer your question – a feature that I have not seen anywhere else .

The disadvantages of this platform are that the back-end user interface is somewhat complex and may take some getting used to. Also, a free tier for the application is not available, but requires a refund of $ 29 / agent per month per end of the 14-day free trial period.

Visit the website (14-day free trial, paid plans start at $ 12 / agent per month) Platforms: Web, iOS and Android

7. UseResponse

Since most tech giants are attempting to flood their messaging services with AI-enabled bots, UserResponse gives you the opportunity to use them as a customer interaction platform. It doesn't want to limit visitors to embeddable chat widgets, but it also offers an option for to communicate easily using the most popular messaging platforms like Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more.

UseResponse dialog

This Intercom alternative also encompasses most of the basic functionality that a brand is looking for in a CRM messaging platform. Get single sign-on, email automation and even analysis to help your brand better understand the user base and set up lead generation campaigns.

In addition to live chats, UseResponse users can also opt-in to choose from a collection of three additional modules, that is Feedback, Help Desk and Knowledge Base . The subscription plans for each module are the same and you will be given a period of 14-day free trial, post that each module will cost $ 15 / agent per month.

Visit the website (14-day free trial, paid plans start at $ 15 / agent per month) Platforms: Web

8. ZenDesk chat

By adding to their existing and reliable CRM platform, Zendesk has also taken a step into the crowded ecosystem of live messaging widgets with Zendesk Chat. Although this may have become repetitive, but this platform also includes common features such as pre-chat modules, visitor lists, offline lead generation modules and chat badges to improve the visibility of your widget.

Zendesk also has added chatbots to detect the conversation by agents, skip between old messages in conversation history and user profile linking. Supports cross-platform support, making Zendesk chat accessible on the most popular platforms. In addition, the platform also offers features such as automatic message triggers, agent reports, chat routing, real-time monitoring and conversion tracking for leads.

Zendesk Chat is not suitable for thriving businesses because the free tier allows you to chat with a single competing user keeping at the same time a 14 day chat history . However, you can extend the functionality of your chat widgets by choosing a paid plan from $ 15 / agent per month .

Visit the website (free plan, paid plans start at $ 14 / agent per month) Platforms: Web, Android and iOS

9. Drift

A look at the Drift chat widget or back end and the Intercom user interface comes to mind. The similarity between aesthetics and disturbing functionality also transcends the responsive user interface and intuitiveness of the chat widget. This live chat platform closest alternative on Intercom but not the cheapest of the lot here.

The highlight of Drift the inclusion of a AI virtual assistant for live conversation. It replaces your forms and helps you collect the best leads in real time using the assistant. You will help also to customize i messages for visitors in based on their information to proactively target important staff.

In terms of prices, Drift is not the best alternative because its free level allows an agent to reach only 100 active contacts. It also provides features such as email fallback (when not using the Drift backend), scheduled times, profiles and slack integration. But you will have to shell out $ 50 / agent per month to unlock more features, with an additional $ 15 per agent.

Visit the website (free plan, paid plans start at $ 50) Platforms: Web, iOS and Android

10. Olark

Just like Intercom, Olark is a live messaging platform that focuses on the functionality, as well as on the aesthetics, of the embeddable chat widget. It places great emphasis on real-time reporting for chat volumes, automatic replies, searchable transcripts and the integration of some of the most common tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and Mailchimp, among others to the platform.

Customizing the Olark chat widget can easily be done based on a brand's needs. It gives you options for choose the type of background (light or dark), the position / shape of the chat widget and the type of corner to match your brand. It also includes an option to localize the chat window for the language of your region.

As for prices, the extremely limited free plan and allows agents to have a total sum of 20 conversations per monthwhich is much lower than some of the apps mentioned above. However, you can unlock the full feature set starting at $ 17 / agent per month after completing the 14-day free trial.

Visit the website (14-day free trial, paid plans start at $ 17 / agent per month) Platforms: Web, third party client support


While the aforementioned CRM platforms will allow you to generate leads and help visitors to your website, but many of them may seem excessive for your task. It means you need an even simpler and more familiar experience to manage your customer relationships. Here I switch to Skype and Messenger, two platforms that require minimal effort to set up:

As the name suggests, Skype Web Control allows you to integrate a Skype chat widgets on your platform for allow free interaction with visitors . Go to this link to customize your Skype chat widget and copy the 2-line code to get started. Yes, as simple as it seems.

This development tool extends the basic functionality of Microsoft's chat platform, such as text messages, attached files and stickers, to any website. In addition, it will allow you to quickly solve visitor problems by using the functionality of voice or video call . currently in developer preview mode but suitable for beginners who want to interact with their visitors.

Visit the website (free) Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android

If you think Skype isn't your cup of tea, it will surely be Facebook Messenger. The social media platform is one of the main advertiser and lead-gen networks for brands all over the world and you can become part of the crowd by integrating a Messengerify mobile header chat on your platform.

This integration will not use any third party CRM software, but the messaging interface already inserted in Facebook. It will give you the opportunity to chat both on the spot that off site, keeping track of users using Messenger, simply by using the app on the phone.

Messengerify gives you free access to the chat code without customization but charges $ 29 to alter the brand of the chat interface. This, however, is a one-off and may be worth it if you intend to manage customer interaction through Messenger itself.

Visit the website (free plan, paid plan costs $ 29) Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android

Does the intercom really need a replacement?

If you ask most entrepreneurs, there is no doubt that their first recommendation for a live chat messenger will always be Intercom. because the platform allows you to manage lead generation, sales prospects and email automation from a single dashboard. The platform has accumulated 100,000 monthly active users and over 17,000 paying customers, thanks to this powerful set of features.

But as we said before, the heavy platform and budding companies may not be entirely comfortable spending generously on live customer support. Therefore, you can manage consumer interaction by choosing any of these alternatives and switch to Intercom when you think it's the right time – the booming business. Which live CRM platform do you think is simple, reliable and worth the money? Share your thoughts in the comments below.