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Texts for the web, the key role of translation

web text translation

The correct translation of web texts is fundamental to gain the trust of foreign customers online. Better to let go of DIY or automatic translators: look for a good translation agency.

E-commerce, startups, entrepreneurs 4.0 all now rely on digital agencies and to specialized programmers to make their own website. Moreover, the website is now the first showcase for e-commerce and for the activities of any vertical sector. A showcase among other things, ever more international.

Now with a good Internet site even small realities can make themselves known on the other side of the world linternazionalizzazione for everyone, not just for large enterprises. Of course, the website as well as being technologically optimized for both desktops and mobile must bring valuable content, starting with texts. But how many entrepreneurs rely on a copywriter or to one agency of translation.

web text translation

Translation of company texts, a business card

The verbal identity of a fundamental brand as much as the visual one. The way a company works writes is communicates much more than a business card: substance, soul. An innovative product, a 360-degree service, a flexible solution, a highly specialized company, a wide range of services are all examples of empty sentences, too often used, trivial, empty. Weak because they do not communicate advantages, characteristics, personalities texts must transmit the personality of an brand, its values ​​and to create a deep emotional bond with customers, gaining their trust.

Language, translation and international strategy

To win the trust of customers, especially those foreigners, who do not know us and who for reasons of distance cannot meet us in person, it is essential that web texts are written in their spoken language, with all the nuances of the dialogue, with colloquial phrases. There writing requires specificity important to use an appropriate lexicon: no to the effect Google translator, no to automatic translations who use generic terms, no to the archaic expressions of academic grammars, no to artificial results and not consistent with the common spoken language. translation agencies specialized, like BigTranslation, to which we must rely when we choose to take the path of internationalization. A text with natural readability, created with human translation by native speakers and not with automatic translation, an essential element to appear serious and professional to the target audience. The brand's reputation is at stake.

Texts: a question of personality

When a user reads i texts of a website, must hear a voice, must imagine a dialogue. NJust write well or use grammatically correct formulas. There are a thousand other companies that offer the same products and services, that write well and that talk about themselves, but only you exist with your personality and there are many customers ready to choose you also based on how you will make them feel. personality it must be declined everywhere. Give her brochure to the web, in live chats, in texts of bot, on page 404, in the buttons click here, in the process emails Even the shortest and most insignificant texts are part of one's identity, they must be created and translated in the best way.

The translation in SEO perspective

The importance of one translation realized by human personnel also linked to SEO. It is not enough to optimize your content only in the Italian version of the site, you must also do so in the translated language! And to do this you need to set the same SEO structure also in the foreign language, a priori literal translation and therefore automated, it is always important to prefer a optimized text in optics SEO, which allows your site to better position itself on search engines. A beautiful translation does not guarantee a return in terms of contacts and leads. We need to know and pay attention to the cultural aspects of translation because these too can impact research. We need a structured translation, according to the SEO criteria, to have a correct indexing of the contents also in the other languages.