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Tetris for iPhone (the original), goodbye to the historian …

Tetris for iPhone (the original), goodbye to the historian ...

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 3 February 2020

Update of 03 February 2020

It was from 2014 that the historic puzzlegame was on the App Store, and from 2018 that he did not see the shadow of an update. Over the years, he split into three with Tetris Premium, Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitz. And now, EA has announced it on retirement from April 2020. The sad announcement was made with an alert in the apps:

Hello Fans, it's been a fantastic trip so far but unfortunately we have to say goodbye. On April 21, 2020, EA Tetris will be retired, and will no longer be available. Of course, you can still enjoy the game and have fun with any object in the game until April 21, 2020. We hope we have given you many hours of fun, and we appreciate your continued support. Thank you!

The launch in February 2014

Starting today Apple Store for iOS gives the original version of Tetris for iPhone, the one developed by Electronic Arts and normally available at 99 cents. But it is necessary to follow the correct procedure.

As you know, the Apple Store occasionally gives books, apps and other normally paid content that you can download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unfortunately this is not a simple report, and the price does not reset for everyone: you just have to go for the promo and take advantage of the special links made available from Cupertino. In doing so, Apple hopes to entangle users and persuade them to use the mobile application to search for product information and for online purchases.


The offer is titled "A jump into the past" and gives Tetris "Free for a limited period, exclusively for users of the Apple Store app" but expires on April 7th. So it will be better to hurry up before it gets overshadowed and you forget about it. It is an affiliate program different from the App of the Week on the App store and which instead affects all users without distinction; these days, for example, there is Max Ax of Naked Sky Entertainment (1.79 hour Free).

Unfortunately, no books here. In the US and English-speaking countries, however, Apple also gives away Franklin's Valentines. So what are you waiting for, download the Apple Store if you don't have it, then tap "A jump into the past" and follow the instructions on the screen; the iPad version, however, is purchased separately. In any case, have fun.