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Test the Alfawise RST2056 electric toothbrush, cheap and well built

Spazzolino Alfawise

Macitynet tests the Alfawise RST2056 electric toothbrush, for complete and deep dental hygiene without too much effort. Really cheap, but well built, its built-in battery promises up to 15 days of battery life on a single charge.

Alfawise RST2056 looks like the most classic of electric toothbrushes, both in shape, in size and in white color. In addition to the brush, there are also three brushes inside the package, which is not a small detail, since the purchase of the latter usually has a cost that comes close to the brush itself.

Alfawise toothbrush

It is 25 x 2.50 x 2.50 cm large, and it weighs just over 200 grams. Operation among the simplest: just fit the head on the top to start using it. It offers four different cleaning methods, all activated by pressing the multifunctional button below the on / off button.Alfawise toothbrush

Four modes

The first mode is the classic Cleaning mode, which offers about 31 thousand vibrations per minute. Of course, we have not been able to count them, but we can ensure that the brushing speed is extremely high. The speed remains particularly high even in the Soft mode, which should help in the case of particularly sensitive teeth. The fourth mode is the whitening one, the strongest of the 4, which reaches about 40 thousand vibrations per minute. Last but not least, the Massage mode, which offers different vibration cycles to massage the dental system.Alfawise toothbrush

The toothbrush has IPX7 certification, therefore it certainly does not fear splashing water. This is an important certification, considering that usually the product could still come into contact with splashes.

Alfawise RST2056 well built, absolutely solid and robust, like other top brand toothbrushes. We have put it in direct comparison with other electric toothbrushes and we have not noticed particular differences in its use.

Alfawise toothbrush

As already mentioned, the toothbrush offers a 650 mAh battery inside, which ensures at least 15 days of autonomy with a single charge. In any case, the charging dock is also included in the package. It will be sufficient to lay the brush in its housing to recharge it. The base is also quite solid and well built, and holds the brush in position without the risk of it falling over.Alfawise toothbrush

As already mentioned, there are three heads inside the package. These have a different colored headband on the bottom, so that you can share the electric toothbrush with your family, each using their own brush head. If, on the other hand, you want to use it alone, they will act as replacement heads for a longer-lasting use over time.Alfawise toothbrush


Alfawise RST2056 a low cost electric toothbrush, built really well, solid and robust, without creaking. During our tests we have not really encountered any problems in the use and the vibration speeds of the head absolutely in line with that of the most popular brands. The single button to change the various comfortable modes, allowing you to adjust the brushing according to your needs.

You can buy it for about 22 euros on GearBest, directly at this address.


  • Well built
  • Vibration speed
  • 3 heads included
  • Quality / Price