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Test: iPhone 3G S quickly beats the old iPhone (and the Pre)

Test: iPhone 3G S beats the old iPhone (and the Pre) – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new iPhone 3G S faster than the previous model in loading Internet pages by over 100%. Here is what the always very reliable when it comes to benchmarks, Anandtech has been able to verify by carrying out some comparisons three old and new phone.

Anandtech has set up a series of tests using a sort of suite of Internet sites among the most popular in the field of technology. As a result, the new iPhone loads pages 122% faster than the old iPhone. Anandtech, rightly, highlights how such an advantage cannot be due solely to the processor clock increase from 433 to 600 Mhz, but to the new micro-architecture of the Cortex A8 processor.

The advantage that is manifested in the field of real applications is also interesting. The advantage of the iPhone 3G S over the old iPhone ranges from 14% (opening Safari) to 50% (launching emails). Note that the phone application also loads much faster (71.5%).

Anandtech also focuses on the higher performance of the iPhone 3G S compared to the Palm Pre. The comparison is interesting because the Palm mobile phone uses a processor based on the same technologies as that of the iPhone even if produced by Texas Instruments instead of Samsung. In face-to-face the iPhone 21% faster in the suite of Internet sites; the Pre loses comparison on all fronts and in a very evident way in the execution of the applications, a field in which it cannot even keep the old iPhone 3G behind it. In this case the operating system to be put on the dock; evidently the iPhone Os is much more efficient than the Palm webOs.

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