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Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus, the combination is perfect with the new economic model

Tesla Model 3 ed Ecobonus, l’abbinata è perfetta con il nuovo modello economico

Starting from March 1, incentives for those who buy non-polluting cars come into force in Italy: Tesla with Ecobonus can all be bought with savings of up to € 6,000 in case of scrapping of an old car, a good incentive, but perhaps not enough considering the not quite affordable list price of Elon Musk's electric cars.

Labla Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus for promises to become interesting for a larger number of people when the new economic model of the all-electric sedan just launched in the USA arrives in our country.

In fact, the economic Tesla Model 3 version in the United States proposed starting from $ 35,000: those who live in the USA can already order it online with delivery expected within 2-4 weeks.Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus, perfect lip with the new economic model

Instead of the all-wheel drive of the previous models, it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle: it offers 220 miles of autonomy, about 350 kilometers (530 km for the top model), without sacrificing the sports performance typical of electric cars, with acceleration from 0 at 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds. The maximum speed of 209 km per hour.

To reduce costs and sales prices, the economic Tesla Model 3 offers standard fabric interiors, manual steering wheel adjustment, basic audio system, as well as maps and navigation: eliminating the fog lights.Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus, perfect lip with the new economic model

In the base price of $ 35,000 including the black tint, but those who choose a different color must prepare for a $ 1,500 surcharge for blue and silver, which goes up to $ 2,500 for red. Fortunately, the spectacular panoramic glass roof, folding and heated rear view mirrors remain.

Unfortunately, the price does not include some of the automatisms that made Tesla famous, such as the automatic steering and the cruise control that takes traffic into account: those who want them have to pay $ 3,000 for the order and then an additional $ 4,000 after delivery to download the software update that it makes them work.Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus, perfect lip with the new economic model

But even the cheapest Tesla can still aspire to full automatic driving, of course for a surcharge: the functions described above plus Summon, auto parking, navigation and autopilot cost $ 5,000 to order and then another $ 7,000 for activation via software update. All this of course when the full autonomous driving will be made available in the USA within this year. Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus, perfect lip with the new economic modelWaiting times from 2-4 weeks in the USA remain a dream in other countries, including Italy. Elon Musk said that the inexpensive Tesla Model 3 will be delivered within 3-6 months to the rest of the world.

Finally, even if the Tesla Model 3 and Ecobonus are not within our budget, we need to wait even longer. The ingenious and eccentric Elon Musk has said that even cheaper Tesla will be available within 2-3 years, much more likely leaning towards the three years.