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Tenon's iTools applaud the Xserve

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Those who have been using Mac OS X for some time, will have realized that under the gaudy Aqua interface, there are different tools and services, previously unimaginable with the previous Operating System. In the midst of the whirlwind of colored folders and special effects, it stands out, for reliability , the Apache web server component, supplied as standard with each copy of Mac OS X and virtually functional on every Macintosh on which it can be installed. But for those who need other features?

To combine high-performance software with equally exceptional machines, Tenon Intersystems welcomes Apple's entry into the server machine sector by offering a special package of its products. "Serverware" is the name of the proposal that includes the Tenon iTools, WEBmail and Post .Office, with everything it needs to run: Apache, DNS, multihoming type FTP server with virtual hosts, password-protected or anonymous FTP, the mail server, which transforms the machine into a complete mail server on the type of " WebMail "with POP3 and IMAP4 support, a list server, as well as a fully configurable web-based mail client, even a search engine and a whole range of scripting tools for the web (PHP, Java Server Pages, Active Server Pages).

In reality, the Xserve – Tenon iTools pair, not mandatory, since these tools can be exploited starting from any suitably bodied Mac, and can also coexist with every variety of Mac OS X now available (both OS X server and normal "). The company also highlights the advantages of adopting its software and subsequently acquiring the Xserve, without having to make software changes to the servers.

The cost of the "Serverware" offer, for the entire package, of $ 999, but only for a limited period.