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Ten years of Tech, ten products (plus one) that have changed your life

Ten years of technology, from 2010 to 2019, are many for everyone, but in this universe, always in a frenetic and often almost anguished movement, there are many. Today the last day of this decade and perhaps, as often happens when a date "turns", time to look back to understand how we have changed, how fashions and trends have changed, resources and, with them, the current events of all days.

It would be easy to settle the matter by stating that smartphones have changed the way we see and live the world: in reality there are many more technologies that under this or that point of view have contributed to making us and our surroundings what it that.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionHere are two of the heroes of the decade 2010-2019: the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, models that have defined roles and designs more than others

But in reality there is much more next to "mobile phones", a constellation of technologies, inventions, ideas that have contrasted or accompanied the decade of smartphones. Our editorial team has always, for almost 25 years, chosen to focus on the Apple world, but with a particular eye, the one in the context in which Cupertino's products move. We have thus tried to create our own ranking of winning technologies, products (in a broad sense) that have certainly contributed to changing our lives, that of people who live in this society.

We know that this is a ranking imbued with personal considerations and opinions, but we also know that our editorial staff is sufficiently large, rich in different sensitivities and diversified from the registry point of view, to represent a good sample. Although we all have a strong interest and a journalistic specialization in this area, we submit the results of our "survey" not as a scientific analysis of the decade, but as a food for thought and a stimulus for all who read us. It is eleven between products and services, not ten because in our internal consultation we saw two candidates placed in the same position, the tenth


The SSD has changed our world, in our opinion, more than you could imagine. The modernization of the production chains has led to solid state storage being able to be used in very large cuts (up to 8 TB in the consumer and professional fields) at very affordable prices, especially when compared with those of ten years ago, radically changing how we live local disk space on our computers. If Mac and PC are much faster and if you can do things that before you were not able to do thanks to this undervalued component that allows you to depend (a little) less on the amount of memory and also lighten the processor.

Solid state drives have made it possible to revive old Macs and PCs in many cases, offering much greater usability, clarifying once and for all the fact that the perceived speed of a computer is not only given by the power of the processor, but by a set of things, including often the slower part (than the hard drive, usually).

In addition, today an external SSD thanks also to Thunderbolt, must not be seen as a fallback or a "piece", but provides very high speed and allows you to create NAS systems for office or living room with high performance.

And speaking of (very) external disks, remember even if today it is possible to build a remote cloud storage architecture also thanks to the SSD-based server farms.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionWD RED SSD, one of the latest models, designed for servers and nas


HTML5 is a less mainstream technology for those who are not professionals, but extremely important because it provided the basis for the spread of many other services, such as the App Store (many of the Apps are built on HTML5), web applications and generally the interface of many services.

Above all HTML5 (which in itself is a set of technologies, still in definition) has allowed standardization in the web world, a goal that had been worked on throughout the first decade of the new millennium. Here on Macitynet you can read more about Hype 4, one of the Mac Apps that best embodies HTML5 lediting for everyone.

Hype 4, review of the HTML5 editor simple, but very powerfulHype 4, one of the best HTML5 editors

Gaming Console

Gaming has grown significantly in recent years, becoming common also in Europe, where in Asia a true way of life. In many sectors (such as those related to peripherals) console-based electronic gaming is the one where the greatest investments are found and to which the best products are aimed (such as the latest Razer Basilisk Ultimate, the most flexible, fast, responsive mouse in the world, a product precisely for gamers).

To tell the truth, gaming was offered in a double guise: PC and console: it won the console, because in fact the submarket that has had the greatest growth in the decade, with products such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One (of which we have spoken few days ago about the new launch) to be the master, with many titles that starting precisely from the consoles then came to the cinema or TV (The Witcher, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Doom) but with real trends capable of catalyzing attention of entire generations (Fifa, Fortnite, Overwatch, Starcraft and many others).

Here is the new Xbox: Xbox X Series, looks like a PCXbox X Series, just announced


Once upon a time there were encyclopedias on paper, which filled the bookcases in the living room (whose consultation was a very physical operation), then came those on CD or DVD-ROM (the symbol was Microsoft's famous Encarta) which for never really radically changed user habits. Then it was the turn of the Wikipedia project that instead changed the way of knowing and exploring history and reality

In its absolute democratization to date, the most consulted platform that can be found online. We still search a lot on Google when we are not sure of something, but a practice that exposes us to the personal opinions of those who, online, can write what they want while the Wikipedia project enjoys superior credibility, partly because the exposure itself puts it under the lens of the judgment of many, partly because there is still a revision, albeit open. Of course, several criticisms can be made at Wikipedia, it can be accused of not being scientific and of being subject to constant fluctuations in content, but its approach makes it difficult to manipulate and for this reason, even with some caveats, the place to look first that elsewhere answers our questions.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionWikipedia, here on one of the most read pages of 2019

App Store

If iPhones or smartphones in general have changed our way of being, part of this effect due to the Apps. And the Apps are managed, and distributed (fundamental factor) by the App Stores, which have given the opportunity to anyone who wishes to propose to all the world. The first and most popular of the App Stores was that of Apple; from that everything was born, but now there are many shops selling applications and thanks to them the economy of mobile devices moves without forgetting that thanks to the App Stores that arise media and economic phenomena of billions of euros.

Cases like Fortnite, WhatsApp, Pokemon Go, Netflix or Instagram have been possible precisely because of the work that Apple (above all) and Google have done for the developers, offering a platform impossible to match with a different distribution. Suffice it to say that the death of Windows Phone, most likely, was decreed by an insufficient App Store supported by the developers, in the face of a hardware and an OS instead perhaps too underestimated.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionApp Store, here on iPhone


We have so far tried to focus on technology, preferring it to real brands, because time has often shown that no technology remains tied to a brand forever. In the case of Amazon for different reasons, because the site has become, over time, from synonymous with e-commerce first to the most important shop in the world from any point of view.

Perhaps because of the offers, which never fail, or for the convenience of being able to order anything (even things that are hardly found in stores near home) or also for the increasingly rapid and widespread distribution system, in some cities now reduced to a few hours, it is clear that Amazon dominates our world.

The next decade will see Amazon fight with the big oriental names and in the world of Enterprise software platforms and we will understand if it is a permanent or passenger phenomenon: the concept of online shopping instead here to stay, with Amazon or not and it will be impossible to forget that if it was born and became popular mainly thanks to this company born in Seattle but which now has a home all over the world.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionAlexa, the voice assistant, owes part of her success to Amazon. The quality is there but the diffusion is given also and above all for the strength with which it is proposed


The first two versions of Bluetooth were not great, offering a promise rather than an alternative to cables, but with the third generation the world understood that wireless could be a reality. Today we live in a world where Bluetooth 4.2 and 5 are the basis of many everyday products, from headphones (the very famous AirPods) to mice, from keyboards, to watches, through audio speakers, satellite navigators, remote controls, not to mention of cars where Bluetooth is now a standard for connecting our smartphones,

Consumption has also dropped a lot and hardware optimization has reached very high levels, so much so that today many hardware products are born even without wire support. Many have tried to launch proprietary connectivity systems, but no one can now replace Bluetooth and not even pretend it doesn't exist.

JBL Pulse 4 review, a riot of music and color unattainableJBL Pulse 4, a Bluetooth audio speaker. This type of device was one of those that most benefited from the wide use of Bluetooth


Once they looked for SMS, today nobody uses them almost anymore and WhatsApp has become synonymous with message: not the only one, it is clear, because the market is very valid and the alternatives (Telegram on all here in Europe, WeChat in Asia, Microsoft Teams and Slack in the business world, not forgetting Apple's Skype and iMessage).

But even if WhatsApp (which became Facebook a few years ago) has obvious technological limitations (linked to two unique sessions, one of which to a smartphone with SIM, it does not have a client for tablets, does not offer a cloud archive and has an interface that is not properly modern with a security often questioned) the fact of having arrived first in the market, of being free (more or less, it depends on the point of view) has made it a success that others struggle to counter.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinion


Facebook was the first social network, certainly not the only one, but it was certainly the name that represents a synonym of the term, although Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) in its specificity manages to be the most valid alternative and often the groups of WhatsApp (also this from Facebook …) are themselves small social networks.

Born before 2010, it has experienced unstoppable growth in the last decade, thanks also to the smartphones that have put it in the pockets of all users: the concept of which Facebook bearer then changed the very fabric of the interactions between people and democratized (according to many and not wrongly distorted) the concept of information. But this is only the tip of the iceberg and only a fragment of what Facebook has represented for the company. Perhaps we could say only one thing that is more true: Facebook has changed the world; in your judgment if he did it in a positive or negative way.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionDon't follow the Macitynet page on Facebook? Bad, but you can fix it!


Did you know that the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google, not a search engine? Yes, because YouTube, which is always owned by Google, the second most viewed site in the world and attracts about a third of the active internet users in the world.

The domain of the site to have socially almost supplanted television, in the true sense of the word. In fact, many young people think that TV is YouTube and they do not care about TV channels any more than with the arrival of the printed books invented by Gutemberg they then dealt with the parchments. With more than 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it is technically impossible to get to the end of the present catalog, and in fact the site is showing a growth of 60% of users every year.

Who a parent knows, because if on the one hand there is a moderation of the uploaded videos suitable for a generalist audience, on the other hand many videos challenge each other in a race to the "most stupid ever seen", generating a spiral that destroys the click chase. concept of intelligence itself. On YouTube almost always wins not only those who are brisk, but those who are brazen and at the same time know how to grasp the weaknesses and where the world's cultural poverty is found. But inside YouTube there are also real treasures to know how to look for them well: tutorials, live streaming, resource sharing, personal information, information on what is happening around us. Everything passes through YouTube, a platform that makes everyone reflect on the relevance of knowing how to stand in front of a video camera for the right reason and with the right technique to make their own social contribution. It is no coincidence that the market for accessories for personal shooting exploded in a dizzying way.

Ten years of technology, the best in our opinionLe Coliche, one of the channels born on YouTube and Facebook and has become a custom phenomenon. Today you just need talent, perseverance, organization and a bit of luck to become famous. Democracy in command


All the items shown so far are important, but also true that all (except for Gaming on the Console, but up to a certain point) owe their growth to an accessory that allowed their widespread diffusion and put them, literally, in the users pocket.

Nobody like Apple has been able to innovate in hardware and software solutions and above all to propose a perfectly integrated and balanced solution, suitable both for the pro user who demands speed, efficiency and solidity as for the more consumer one who loves delicious news but who also wants to trust what already knows

Models like the iPhone 4 (which made the smartphone concept mainstream), iPhone 6 (which defined the classic form factor) and the iPhone X (which introduced the full screen and unlocking with facial recognition) will remain in the history not only of this decade.

Obviously we cannot forget the Android world with especially Samsung and Huawei (in the second half of the decade) without which probably iPhone (and the world of smartphones in general) would not be what it is today. From this point of view, iPhone (with iOS) and Android smartphones go hand in hand, because both from formal competitors but in reality from allies have given this decade the flight it has

Apple has acquired Spectral Edge, a startup specializing in technologies that enhance photos taken with smartphonesiPhone 11 Pro, the latest model on the market

That's all?

Absolutely not: in the ranking there are also 4K, 4G (we will talk more about 5G in the coming years), lePub (and the Kindle), Alexa (and the other voice assistants), video and music streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify , cloud storage, lUSB-C, lOLED, Thunderebolt, the transformation of some key applications such as Adobe's CreativeCloud and Microsoft's Office 365, Drones and the growth of NAS (especially from a home and small office perspective), all interesting items but who have not received enough points to make it to the final stage, but which we hope to be able to resume in ten years.

As already mentioned, we deliberately excluded brands from the ranking in a generic way (Apple, Google, Microsoft and others) except if the brand identifies the technology or the trend itself (as in the case of Amazon and Facebook) because in that case the ranking would be been different, as results but also as nature.

We have however experienced a decade of great and at times enormous satisfactions from a technological point of view, as you can imagine more than we have seen so far and for the same reason we have another decade ahead that promises the same, with technologies such as 5G that will open the way to a lot of products, some simply interesting, others revolutionary.

And what do you think? Write it in the comments, in moderation, marking your choices but leaving room for the opinion of others. The technology of all and, over time, tends to become democratic, which is perhaps the best aspect.