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Telegram voice calls arrive and are encrypted

Telegram Voice calls

Telegram has announced that it will allow voice calls to be made and will be encrypted to make them safe. Let's talk with iOS

In addition to games, stickers and supergroups, Telegram has announced that it will allow voice calls to be made. The service will only be released to a few, at least initially. According to the official statement, today we are launching voice calls in Western Europe. We will make this service available for the rest of the world very soon. Telegram had proposed itself as a messaging application that was much safer than its competitors. Although it is not immune to hacks, many believe that voice calls will ensure the same encryption end-to-end of text messages offered by the service. Calls will have their own rather unusual exchange mechanism, namely: the call will be deemed secure when the person you are calling (or calling) will have your same four emojis in view on the screen. Telegram also wanted to let people know that its voice calls will be equipped with an AI neural network to optimize its quality. In this way Telegram will adjust the call quality based on the stability of the connection. For example, it is said that calls will use lower data consumption when the sending and receiving conditions are unfavorable.

Telegram Voice calls