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Telegram updates with archiving for chats and more


Immediately after WhatsApp, a well-known messaging app that has gained popularity very quickly certainly Telegram, better than the first in several areas regarding functionality. A recent update has renewed the interface design on Android, added an option to store chats and more.

Telegram updates with various features and improved interface

Telegram now allows you to archive conversations through a swipe on the left, which will transfer the chat to the appropriate archive folder. When an archived chat receives a new notification, it will exit the folder and return to the main chat list. Silent chats, on the other hand, will remain forever archived.

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It will also be possible to add an unlimited number of chats in the archive and keep them archived in the desired order. Other new features include the ability to select multiple chats and silence them, archive or delete them at the same time, simply by keeping the latter touched, to make the relevant functions appear.

Among the very latest functions, Telegram also gives the possibility of quickly forwarding chat messages, through a new and specific key intended for this action, which appears after selecting the messages.

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In addition to this, Telegram also obtains a now more expanded chat list, where it will be possible to see more text in the previews of each of them, a new simplified sharing menu, a new design for the interface intended for sticker packages and the possibility of clear the stickers recently used on iOS.

It is also possible to see who online now, through a green dot placed in the profile image of each user in the chat list and from the sharing menu.

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