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Telegram now activates voice calls on PC and Mac

The computer version of the Paverl Durov app leaves WhatsApp behind and annoys Skype, but without videoconferencing or group calls

(Photo: Telegram)(Photo: Telegram)

The instant messaging platform Telegram still tries the posting on the opposing WhatsApp. In the latest version of the app available for PC, and Mac (1.1), the platform introduces the voice call support a feature that the far more widespread opponent under Facebook's control for the moment can only boast on smartphones.

In a similar way to what has always happened with Skype, users will therefore be able to conveniently call your contacts from your laptop or from the desk, as long as the latter have updated their app to the latest version (available for Android and iOS, but currently not for Windows Mobile). From the point of view of VoIP calls, the Microsoft app still remains ahead: in addition to allowing video streaming, Skype also allows you to carry out real conferences remotely with several participants, something that Telegram cannot currently aspire to.

very difficult for this new feature to trigger a mass migration from one platform to another, but who already uses Telegram I will certainly appreciate the continuous evolution that has involved Pavel Durov's software since its inception (and which often becomes the engine of change even for opposing solutions).


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