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Telegram: Group video calls, the new functionality

Group video calls on Telegram

In an official post on the messaging app, the team underlined the imminent arrival of the new video calling feature

The group video calls on Telegram were announced directly by the messaging app team in a message sent to the official news channel of their application. Revealing the achievement of 400 million active users all over the world the arrival has been defined by the end of 2020 a feature that will allow you to make group video calls.

Telegram: incoming group video calls

The technological "battle" with WhatsApp continues, the main competitor that last Februaryhas exceeded 2 billion users. Telegram has doubled its user base in two years, with a daily increase of at least 1.5 million units but still far from the impressive results of WhatsApp. It is one of main advantages of WhatsApp compared to Telegram precisely that of having the possibility of making video calls, a feature that has gained great popularity during the quarantine period imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A delay and a gap for which Telegram is working in order to arrive on equal terms with the main competitor. Thanks to the social distancing and the lockdowns imposed by the new coronavirus on a large part of the world population, the company realized this problem and in 2020 finally things could change.

Group video calls on Telegram

"Video calls in 2020 are what messaging was in 2013. There are safe or usable apps, but not both. We would like to solve the problem and focus on being able to create a group video call feature on secure telegrams ". says the team in the official post.

Therefore, given the use of the term "safe", the difficulty in creating a tool dedicated to video calls that guarantees not only ease of use, but also security and privacy, which have always been fundamental bulwarks for Pavel Durov's company. Consider the problems that arose in coronavirus times with the widely used Zoom video calling platform about privacy, obviously you don't want to fall into that armature.

It is not known when the news will actually be introduced, although updates will arrive in the coming weeks. Just yesterday, Facebook launched a similar news. Messenger Rooms, as well as WhatsApp, allows up to 8 people to connect and make a video call.