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Telegram adds new Instagram-style features (and Tinder)

Telegram adds new Instagram-style features (and Tinder)

The popular increasingly social messaging app and winks at dating

telegram 2020 news(Photo: Telegram)

Telegram is renewed with version 5.15 which improves and expands some highly appreciated features of the alternative messaging application to WhatsApp which has made security and universality its flagship. Now Telegram becomes a little more social and also a little more devoted to a possible dating.

The personal profile page is in fact completely redesigned. With a graphics that immediately refer to Instagram, the shared photos and videos will be displayed in square format and you will have simplified access to what was shared publicly within the application with documents, links, audio files and groups to which you start. Even the profile photos will be navigable and can be enlarged with a swipe.

Telegram also revised the system for navigate within the shared media. The procedure becomes much more intuitive since you can tap on the right or left sides to go forward or backward. It will work in any photo or video view within the app.

One of the most curious news version 2.0 of People Nearby. When first introduced in June, the feature was primarily geared towards sharing quick and easy contacts nearby, for example while attending an event, meeting or party. In short, when you are in the midst of a group of people.

(Photo: Telegram)

Now, however, undeniable that you think of a slightly more dedicated application to dating and new acquaintances. And you can also perceive it by looking at the screenshots shared by Telegram itself to tell the news.

From Contacts, go to Add nearby people and here you will open a list of people who have activated this option, by tapping on Make me visible. Each profile will show photos, a quick button to call or text and a phrase "bio" which can certainly remind a little Tinder, albeit more cautious.

Among the other minor news there are 17 new animated emojis, one of the other recent news more appreciated as those of the silent messages.


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