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Teenagers prefer Instagram to Snapchat

instagram snapchat teenagers

Snapchat could give way to Instagram for its most important users: teenagers. Research firm Piper Jaffray says this

Instagram is now the most used social media platform among teenagers, according to the research company Piper Jaffraye, it even surpasses Snapchat, which for a long time was the most popular social media among teenagers

Teenagers use Instagram plus of Snapchat

New statistics show that the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook is slowly gaining ground on Snapchat. Eighty-five percent of kids say they use Instagram at least once a month, compared to 84 percent who say the same for Snapchat.

The results, part of the recent Taking Stock With Teens poll, show that, for the first time, Instagram has ousted Snapchat from the top spot. Although the two apps have consistently ranked at the top among teenagers, Snapchat has been slightly more popular since the spring of 2016.

Snapchat remains the most popular social media for teenagers

However, there are not only bad news for Snapchat: interestingly, the same report found that Snapchat has shown a significant advantage with adolescents in terms of appreciation: 46% of teenagers interviewed consider Snapchat the preferred platform, compared to 32% who prefer Instagram.

However, the decline in use among adolescents could be a worrying sign for the company, which is already facing a decline in use following a rather unpopular redesign. Should a steady trend prove that Snapchat is losing its advantage with regard to teenage users, its most important audience, it could be a blow to the company.

Facebook in trouble with teenagers

There are also worrying signs for Facebook. Although Instagram is more popular among teenagers, Facebook still incredibly unpopular. Only 36% of teenagers report using the social network at least once a month and only 5% consider it as the preferred platform.

instagram snapchat teenagers

Instagram is the social network most used by adolescents and exceeds Snapchat, which remains the most appreciated. Facebook likes it a lot less