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TechTool Pro 3.0.7 and a gift from Micromat

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The TechTool Pro, analysis and repair utility files, competing with similar Norton, but with more hardware diagnostic capabilities, are updated to version 3.0.7. This release establishes the definitive transition to the PPC architecture, since, starting from from this and the next, the TechTools Pro will no longer work on machines with 68K processors, forcing the use of the last 3.0.6.

The news, introduced by this latest update, concern the enrichment of the database of conflicts between extensions and control panels, added to the "TechTool Protection" control panel for the recovery of data accidentally deleted from the recycle bin and, among other things, the support of the most recent hardware of this spring. The bug-fixing, this time, is limited to the aesthetic side, repairing only cosmetic details.

The complete list of additions and the possibility to download the update (3.4 MB) are at this link, on the Micromat website.

But not all of it. For some time, Micromat programmers have given us a free version of their "lite" software capable of performing some basic operations: the cancellation of the PRAM, the elimination or repair of the "desktop files", the possibility of bringing back a large amount of information related to your Mac.Also this utility gains an update, reaching version 3.0.2, and can be downloaded from here (about 2.5 MB).