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TeamViewer brings the Mac and PC directly into the iPhone

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TeamViewer brings the Mac and PC directly into the iPhone –

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Now the Mac (or PC) is controlled directly from the iPhone and iPod touch. The ability to manage a networked computer from anywhere in the world simply by using an Apple pocket device opened since the launch of the iPhone Os version of Teamviewer.

The program, in fact a console that remotely reproduces the desktop of a remote computer, well known to Apple users. The Mac OS client in circulation for some time and widely used by both consumer and professional users. Once launched on two machines that are put in dialogue with each other simply by typing a password and a login, it is possible to maneuver each element of a computer using a window that reproduces the desktop. The same thing now happens with iPhone and iPod touch; download the client on the Mac or on the Windows computer, launch TeamViewer which will provide us with a password and a login in the form of a numerical code. At that point we will open TeamViewer on iPhone and iPod touch and the game is done: on our pocket device AppArir the desk of the Mac or PC and we can do everything we do in front of the computer, or almost.

TeamViewer for iPhone useful in different situations. From checking what is happening on our machine to work, in the office or at home, to managing a computer of a friend or client who is in difficulty. TeamViewer can provide access to several remote computers, manage all functions on the remote machine and protect the connection with an encrypted connection.

Obviously using an iPhone to see the desk of a Mac or PC is certainly not as simple as using another Mac or another PC to do the same thing. Despite the optimization of the data flow, the refresh rate is not very high and there is some difficulty in issuing commands with a tap or with gestures instead of a mouse. Finally, the screen resolution is not precisely ergonomic. But all this does not make the program that is fully usable even on the iPhone and iPod touch screen less useful and even less surprising, pending the launch of the iPad version which could change the scenario in a decisive way.

TeamViewer for free personal use; for professional use, with several other functions, it costs 79.99

Below is a demonstration of the use of a PC operating system on iPhone

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