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Taxi and car sharing: Italians want to know the cost in advance

An IT Taxi survey reveals that price transparency would be an incentive to use the services even for the youngest

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What do people look for when they choose a car mobility service? Simple: safety and low costs.

According to a poll by Istituto Piepoli, commissioned by IT Taxi, the URI App (Unione Radiotaxi dItalia, to book taxis in over 40 cities) for the majority of respondents (a sample of 1000 people), 92%, security a priority element when choosing a taxi, carsharing or NCC service. In the 83% of the cases important also ilrcompliance with the privacy of your data personal registration and localization via app (address, telephone or email). The usability of the application – therefore ease of use with regards to booking, payment and assistance – accounts for 89% of people.

Piepoli Institute for IT TaxiPiepoli Institute for IT Taxi

But what really would make people happy, price transparency: for 72% of respondents the possibility of calculating the price of a taxi ride in advance is a fundamental element to encourage their use, especially in the regions of the North West (79%), in the South and Islands (76%) and in small towns ( 76%) small and medium-sized (79%).

And be careful, because not a need felt only by adults between the ages of 35 and 54 (75%), but also among the youngest: 73% of boys between 18 and 34 would use the seavesse taxi more, a greater control over the planned expenditure.


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