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Tax results: first positive reactions from the markets

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Tax results: first positive reactions from the markets Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Despite the losses, if one excludes "one-off" gains, greater than forecasts, despite the number of machines sold decreased by half (just over 600,000) compared to the previous quarter, despite the confirmation that the difficulties are not yet fully overcome , investors seem to have welcomed the announcements of the conference on tax results. The only activity detected at this time, with closed markets, that on Island ECN, is reported for high exchanges on the AAPL security which is purchased at a price of around 17 , $ 5, about 5% more than the closing price on Wall Street. Returning to tomorrow morning for an article of analysis and more in-depth comment here we assume only that to move Apple into positive ground is mainly the news of the reduction in stocks at normal levels. With five and a half weeks, Apple is now able to manage the transition to new products with greater peace of mind without being forced to new discounts and discounts whose prospect would certainly have put investors in a bad mood

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