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Tawkon, measuring smartphone radiation: banned from the App Store, present …

An application that can indicate, and above all alarm you, when the radiation rate is potentially dangerous. This is what the famous program doesTawkon, downloadable for free from Google Play. It would be useful, and above all intelligent, to try to get advice from an app capable of measure radiation that come from your smartphone during use.

It is a question that can hardly be answered, but many wonder about the damage that the radiation emitted by smartphones could create. They can really generate a brain tumor? Some argue this argument, others claim that their intensity is too low to cause such harm. However, very often you would have liked a clear answer, but not even the famous Google managed to satisfy your request. In addition, just to shed light on this problem, one was prepared list of smartphones: in the first place we find those that emit a lower percentage of electromagnetic energy (SAR *).

The CNET France site has crowned Android, or rather Samsung. The first two places, in fact, are occupied by Samsung Galaxy S 0.23 W / kg and Samsung Galaxy S 2 0.33 W / kg.

Everyone thinks that thereiPhone, especially the previous version, may deserve first place. Indeed, it is impossible not to remember the lodissea dellantennagate *. Basically the iPhone 4 had, and has, reception problems. The major fans of the apple consoled themselves with the idea that the terminal could damage less. Absolutely wrong speech, the iPhone is positioned lower in the ranking, compared to the Samsung mentioned. It is also not explained why Apple has absolutely not wanted to accept the Tawkon application on its App Store. The bad guys will already have guessed a hypothetical reason: the apple-phone cannot be approached with an app that could criticize it and label it as harmful.

Tawkon for us Android users exists and is available on Google Play. To find out all the information regarding the application, you can even go to its official website. The technology exploited by Tawkon managed to obtain one certification by Satimo (company specialized in the realization of systems that allow to measure the electromagnetic field). We can therefore consider the application a real one tool to measure i SAR levels, but not only.

During the use of your smartphone, after installing Tawkon, you will be notified of advice which will show you how to reduce radiation exposure. The operations of the app can be summarized briefly in three steps: collect, analyze and alarm.

Furthermore, its interface will be very nice and will encourage you to use the application. You and your friends will be represented by some nice people drawings, you can decide whether to use male or female lomino according to your gender and, moreover, the icons will be depicted with very interesting colors. In short, his men are treated in detail.

The main screen will show you the time spent on the phone, using headphones and using speakers. In the area below, you can see the minutes in which there was major radiation. During a call, Tawkon will activate automatically and, if necessary, will advise you. For example, you will be told to use headphones or speakers because the radiation has increased. You can also keep track of your friends / family members.

  • *SAR: specific absorption rate, expresses the measurement of the percentage of electromagnetic energy.
  • *antennagate: the media case born for the reception problems of the new iPhone 4

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