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Tarot Segway for sale on eBay?

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"Tarot" Segway for sale on eBay? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Do you want an original and exclusive means of transport? Aren't you afraid of scams? A company called the AI ​​Foundation sells two Segway scooters on eBay and the price immediately reaches $ 10,000.

Segway that curious and revolutionary two-wheeled vehicle we have told you about several times.

The problem that Segway's marketing director claims that his company has never sold anything to this phantom AI Foundation, and has consequently warned of the eBay thing, which is now trying to gather information.

An AI Foundation representative says the two Segways were given away by companies involved in making them. A Google search for "AI Foundation" does not return any results.

The first three Segway scooters were sold by the manufacturer on Amazon in February, and one of them reached a price of $ 160,000. Production for the public should start before the end of the year and the cost should be $ 3000 each. (By Marco Centofanti)

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