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tado ° intelligent air conditioning v2: even more intelligent air conditioning control

tado ° intelligent air conditioning v2: even more intelligent air conditioning control

tado presented at MilanoClimatizzazione Intelligente v2, a new version of its climate assistant: a reinterpretation of its control device which has been present on the market for more than a year which brings more efficiency, more power and greater control and knowledge of the environment in which it is installed and its surroundings.

The evocative ice cream shop in the city center was the scene of the event that referred to the importance of cold management in our everyday life: we cannot rely on simply turning the air conditioner on and off but we must look for the perfect compromise between energy saving and well-being personnel.tado climate assistant v2


Even if it looks the same as the previous model, the new Intelligent Air Conditioning v2 brings a much more powerful electron capable of downloading the update software much more quickly and above all it houses a huge database of air conditioner functions. on the market (this can also be updated from the internet) which makes the installation procedure much faster and more efficient and does not require you to interact with the controls of your air conditioner for about fifty minutes.

tado climate assistant v2The differences with the previous model: now faster to install and communicate with the environment to increase your comfort

The functions also increase: in addition to the convenient Geolocation, which ensures users always return to a fresh home but, at the same time, energy is never wasted when no one at home is present now (as in the company's thermostats) weather data integration that offers greater efficiency and comfort by integrating local weather forecasts.

In addition to this, the activities of the Intelligent Climate Assistant are displayed in the Daily reporting area by area and in the Savings Report Energetic within the Application just as it happens for tado thermostats.

tado climate assistant v2Christian Deilmann, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of tado

Satisfied or reimbursed with the Energy Saving Guarantee

The new software combined with an improved algorithm reduce the cost of the energy bill more efficiently than ever, saving you up to 40% on air conditioning costs. For this reason, 100 days of Energy Saving Guarantee are applied to the Intelligent Air Conditioning device. During the first 100 days of use, if you get the impression that tado does not save you enough on your energy bill, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price – without further questions from the company

tado climate assistant v2The climate assistant bridges your smartphone (iOS or Android) and your air conditioner

How it works – intelligent thermostatic regulation

tado Intelligent Air Conditioning v2 uses Wi-Fi to connect air conditioners equipped with a remote control to the internet via infrared signal. This is the same infrared signal as the air conditioner remote control.

The opportunity to have a temperature and humidity sensor on board allows the user to manage the thermal comfort in two modes: either by letting the air conditioner detect its temperature with its sensor and the problems that arise from the microclimate that is created around the AC unit or by collecting data close to the user with the real conditions of comfort: being able to place the climatic assistant on the wall (perhaps behind the sofa) or on a surface with a view of the AC), the temperature is constantly adjusted in relation to the actual position of the occupant of the room.

tado climate assistant v2You can control your air conditioner via Google Home or Alexa, both from iOS and Android.

Command it with your voice

tado Intelligent Air Conditioning compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT allowing you to control the device through simple voice commands and to create customized scenarios.

Compatibility with Homekit being approved and tado hopes to receive it by the end of the year.

Recall that both the thermostat and the company's thermostatic valves are compatible with both IFTT and all the other voice control systems, including Siri.

The price

Intelligent Air Conditioning v2 can be purchased at 179 from the major distributors or on A Duo Pack with two control systems can be purchased for 299 euros on It will also be available on Amazon. We invite readers to check before purchasing that it is the second version with the new management skills. The old model will probably remain on the market with a lower price.