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Tablet: sales increase, and Samsung approaches Apple

Tablet: sales increase, and Samsung approaches Apple

The figures for the quarter reveal good growth for the tablets, with an erosion of the Cupertino record

Tablet at + 42% in 2014According to an IDC analysis, in the last quarter just ended, the tablet market grew by 11.5% compared to last year, with the sale of 53.8 million units. The reason: the return to school in the USA, with the need to equip families and children with digital tablets, to face the school year in American institutions.

In this panorama, Apple maintains its leadership, with 12.3 million iPads sold against Samsung's 19.9 million. But the Koreans are growing and Apple's margin of advantage is eroding. If Cupertino dominated up to 50% of the tablet market, now leading with 22.8%, followed by Samsung with 18.3%: only 4.5 percentage points against 10 he had a year ago.

It must also be said that the Koreans play on the diffusion of cheapest tablets and that the numbers are expected to increase for Cupertino, with the recent release of the new iPads.

In any case, here is the top 5 ranking:

AppleUnit sold: 12.3 million Market price: 22.8%

SamsungUnit sold: 19.9 million Market price: 18.3%

AsusUnits sold: 3.5 million Market price: 6.5%

LenovoUnit sold: 3 million Market price: 5.7%

RCAUnit sold: 2.6 million Market share: 4.9%

OthersUnits sold: 22.5 million Market price: 41.8%


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