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Synchronize Android with Windows 10

Synchronize Android with Windows 10

You can't deny the usefulness of mobile device synchronization with your computer to transfer and share data and settings. Windows Phone devices have full support for synchronizing features with Windows 10 computers, but can the same integration also be provided with Android devices? The legitimate question if you have an Android smartphone and use a Windows 10 PC. Yes, the synchronization is possible and also in a very simple way. Follow this guide and you can easilysync Android with Windows 10.

If you have an Android device and you want to synchronize most data with your computer, you can easily make this communication with the Windows 10 PC using the free toolWindows Phone Companionwhich you can download from the Windows store from here. For the procedure to work, you need to make sure you have a Microsoft Live account active. All information and data, including app privileges and permissions must be linked to an account, so before you start, if you still don't have one, open a Microsoft Live account and install the tool Windows Phone Companionon the computer. Now you just have to follow the steps indicated in this guide to synchronize Android phone with Windows 10.

Synchronize Android with Windows 10

Guide to synchronize Android with Windows 10

With Windows Phone Companionyou will automatically get all the things you care about most about your Windows 10 PC on your Android phone or tablet. The Phone Companion application will help you set up your files so you never have to connect your phone or tablet to your PC again. Music, photos, Word documents and Cortana reminders will always be with you, whether you are at your desk, or outside. Now let's see the procedure to follow to synchronize Android with Windows 10.

  • Connect your Android smartphone to the PC with a USB cable. The PC should detect the device and install the USB drivers.
  • Starts Windows Phone Companion on the PC and select the device platform (in this case Android).
  • Now select Onedrive Microsoft.
  • Enter your Microsoft Live account login credentials when prompted and confirm.
  • Once logged in, a link will be sent by email from which you can download the app needed for synchronization directly on your Android device. Alternatively you can manually download and install the appOneDrivefrom the Play Store.
  • After installing the app on your Android device, start it and log in with your Microsoft Live account.
  • Now on the PC, from the tool Windows Phone Companionenable the box to confirm that you have logged in on the Android device.
  • On the next screen, confirm the image upload settings on the phone by selecting the respective box and complete the configuration.

You have completed the procedure and now you can synchronize your Android phone with Windows 10. If you have any questions, write in the comments below.