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Sygic updates interactivity and speed of the Mobile software Maps for iPhone

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Sygic updates the interactivity and speed of the Mobile Maps software for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Important novelties in the 7.71.4 version of Mobile Maps for iPhone in its various geographical incarnations.

The Sygic software now allows the choice of the addresses you want to navigate directly from the address book of the iPhone and a warning signal was eliminated that appeared at the end of telefonicheQuando call came on a voice indication of the volume of the songs played from the iPod is gradually lowered for better listening. The GPS signal docking has now been speeded up as well as the correspondence between the actual position and that shown on the screen. The font sizes of the street names and information bars have been increased for better readability.

We remind you that a section of our Forum dedicated to Sygic Mobile Maps where you can compare yourself with the opinions and experiences of our readers.

Below is an HD video showing some of the interface improvements included in the latest versions of the software

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